Where are they now – LEO

Hey guys, I adopted puddin’ (who my brother has graciously renamed Leo after Lionel Messi) last Sunday (14/8/16).

He’s settled in super well and is already playing with the resident kitty and ensuring that everyone knows that our beds are now his beds.
He’s still a little jumpy at loud sounds from outside but with a little reassurance in the form of lots and lots of cuddles he calms down.
He’s super affectionate which none of us are used to – as our other cat only wants attention when it’s play time, and will actively seek out pats and chin rubs.
We’re so glad we decided to take him home as he’s enriched our lives as well as our resident cat’s – they have even started grooming each other!
Thanks so much for all your help in the adoption process!
All the best,
– Jess

cat cat cat cat cat

Where are they now – SOX

Sox took a good year to come out of her shell; and her owners Kayla and Matt never gave up. Sox’s story is testament to the fact that with time, patience and a little bit of TLC, anything is possible!

“We adopted our beautiful girl Sox in March 2010. She was extremely timid and spent the first year with us hiding wherever she could. She is now an extremely social kitty, loves cuddles and attention, and is always up for a chat. She’s also grown quite a bit (may be due to spoiling her, she is an only child after all). Photos attached, the first is when we originally got her, and the others are her now. We love her to bits. Kayla & Matt”


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Where are they now – Riley and Neil

“Hi we adopted 2 boys from your shelter almost a year ago. A ginger kitten you is now named Riley and 1 years old and the other 2 year old boy named Neil. The first day we brought them home they were shy but after a few weeks they came out of their shell and settled in family life. They are really loving and affectionate. We just want to thank you for our two beautiful boys.”

14067752_1266038843429379_7523091067128153885_o 14137982_1266038490096081_2863737835527621264_o 14138000_1266038330096097_8340651333336881259_o 14188224_1266038623429401_1175911215441103441_o

Zelda’s Long Game

Good things come to those who wait…


From a shaky start at the Shelter, Zelda’s long wait to find her forever home ended with the greatest owners a cat could ever ask for! Zelda’s year long wait ended two weeks ago. She was overlooked so many times previously because of her dietary issues, and her ‘strong’ personality. But for Mel and Gary, it was a winning combo and the pair became a trio. This is how Zelda is going in her new home;


“Hello CPS,

As per my conversation today about Zelda settling in, please find some pictures of the cat happily taking over the house.

Zelda settled in fine from the moment we brought her home, she sat on the arm of the couch and watched some TV with us and happily took over the bed that night. She knew she was home the moment she came in, she is as playful as she is lazy. We are all extremely happy with our little ball of fur, the only issue so far is black cats are hard to find in the dark!!

Thanks for helping us find our forever friend.


Mel, Gary and Zelda”


Pretty cool, huh!

zelda zelda1 zelda2 zelda3zeldaZELDA22


Pint-sized Pinto in His New Home

Remember the black and white little foster fella? We got a lovely update on how he’s doing in his forever home, and we’re thrilled!


“Hi everyone.

Just to let you know that pinto is settling in well. In fact he had settled in the first day. It took an hour and a quarter to get to Cheltenham and he was nervous for about 15 mins then went to sleep a few times for 5 to 10 mins at a time.

He is watching the screen at the moment to make sure I spell everything ok (see pic)

Thank you to the family that brought him up. He is really well toilet trained and as soon as I showed him his toilet he hasn’t made a mistake. We live on three floors and he has had total control of his toilet and the house since he got here.

Well he might have been the boss of his two sisters but now he is the boss of three humans. We all love him and thank you for letting us adopt him. No dramas so far. I am sure he loves us and loves living here.”

pintio1 pinto pinto2 pinto3

George of the Urban Jungle

This is a picture of our little George that me and Ryan got from your Cat Protection Society. He’s turned into a lovely little character and we couldn’t be happier with him.

14012761_10154330407280450_2012536000_o (1)

Delightful Mr Darcy

This is Mr Darcy (Darcy as we call him) We adopted him about 5 years ago on one of your open days. Being a Maine coon he’s a a big bunch of cuddly fun. He likes playing with his adopted canine and feline brothers and sisters. Darcy loves playing in the water bowl (he loves to make a mess) We all love him so much and ate so grateful we found him or should I say he found us at your amazing facility. Keep up the fantastic work you do ?

14012436_10209346587276957_74291855_o 14012681_10209346596277182_1167666344_o 14017995_10209346596477187_1278427752_n 14037536_10209346596237181_695717888_o 14055519_10209346596997200_687427694_n

Poppy’s not shy anymore

Food is the way to a cat’s heart


We wanted to give you an update on our Poppy (formerly Kaya) who we adopted a year ago. She was very shy at first but will a lot of TLC and chicken she has really come out of her shell and is loving life in her forever home!

14012224_10155040338224688_445414141_n 14017848_10155040338229688_524971086_n 14018071_10155040338219688_1313427352_n

Have you met Freida yet?

Freida is one of our long termers, and it’s got to change!

Freida has been with the Cat Protection Society for, as of today, 340 days. That’s 340 days waiting for her forever home, waiting for that person to walk into her pen, look at her, pat her, sit with her, and say ‘yes. Freida, you’re coming home with me’. Will you be that person? Will today be her day?

Freida comes with a catch; a good one! You will have to double the love when you take her home, because Freida needs a partner in crime. While Freida doesn’t have to be adopted out with another cat (“…and here’s one I adopted earlier” you might say) she needs another cat in her life to offer her leadership and comfort. Freida needs the companionship to take her social cues from, so another cat that is willing to take Freida under her paw would be ideal! Do you have a cat that fits the bill? Or, if you’re wanting to adopt two cats from Cat Protection Society, Freida can go home with a friend from here.

We just know Frieda will be a delightful half of a dynamic duo. Adopt Freida today.

BUT WAIT! THERE’S MORE! Freida goes home with a special ‘starter pack’; all the good stuff you’ll need to settle her in, FREE! Bedding, blanket, food, litter..Adopting Freida will be a breeze.



freida bennetfreida1


Gordon, King of the Hill since ’02

Hi there! I’d just like to send you a pic of Gordon who we adopted from you way back in 2002! He’s the joy in our home and lives with 2 other cats Marlow and Ramsay and a Papillon named Henri. Gordon is a feisty, confident chap who loves bird watching, sitting on his scratch post on our front porch and enjoying a snuggle in bed on a cold winters night. He has many beds throughout the house, although his favourite is my pillow! He’s such a wonderful boy and we couldn’t love him any more. Thank you CPSV, you do such wonderful work. Allison


14059943_10209777399047646_1591074461_o 14060213_10209777395847566_1913751897_o13921196_10209783895970065_3316061839182836359_n14034907_10209783896090068_232150702444486189_n

Entries still open- DON’T MISS OUT!

CPS Facebook Calendar Competition
We all know my cat is the cutest, quirkiest, funniest, most photogenic cat out there, right?
We all think it about our own cat don’t we (though my cat would give your cat a run for its money…)
Well now you have a chance to PROVE your cat’s the cutest, quirkiest, funniest, most photogenic cat out there, by entering the Cat Protection Society of Victoria’s 2017 Cat Calendar competition.
We’re looking for your feline friend to feature in our official 2017 Calendar. Your cat must have been adopted by CPS, and we want the photo to express your cats’ individuality and character. Have fun with it. Get creative.
All entries will be considered, as long as they comply with the terms and conditions (below). The best photos will go into the Calendar and immortalise your cat in glory and honour for ever more.

Entries: OPEN NOW!
Entry closes: 31st August, 2016.

Send your entries to media@catprotection.com.au with the subject heading: Cat Calendar 2017

Term and Conditions

You must have;
• Liked our FB page
• Have adopted your cat/s from CPS

Your photo;
• 2 pictures max per entrant
• High res
• Images have to be print quality, so no camera phone photos please.
• Minimum 300 dpi or at least 2880 pixels wide or 1920 pixels high in a TIF or JPEG format.
• In landscape format, portrait format will not be accepted.

Must include;

• Your name
• Cat’s name and age
• When you adopted
• and 1) what you love about your cat, or 2) something quirky your cat does. (50 words max)

eg, Amanda, saffron 7 yrs, adopted 3 yrs ago. “Saffron has just picked up shift work doing security at our house. She takes her job very seriously, and with her eyes closed”




A Big Ol’ Foster Fail

Sometimes, failing is better than succeeding. In Lady’s case, Skye’s failure to be a foster parent led to Lady’s successful plight for a new home…

Skye and Lady have history. Lady used to be our “house cat” at Cat Protection Society when Skye used to work with us. She was a part of Lady’s everyday life, but, like all employees, Sky went home when she finished work, and Lady stayed at the Shelter. And, as life does, it changed, and with it, Skye changed jobs. But Lady was still at the Shelter. Life had not changed for her. Yet…

Fast forward to a few months ago, and Cat Protection Society’s Foster Program was gaining traction, plans for construction of the new Shelter and demolishing the existing Shelter were well underway, and our thoughts turned to the resident cats. The stress that it would put on them would be too much, so we entered them into the Foster Program. Lady was one such cat.

This 10 year old black and white fluffball who dribbled, left fur everywhere, and wasn’t backward about coming forward, needed a temporary home. As much as we all loved her and her quirky ways, none of the staff were in a position to foster her.  None of the current staff that is. Ex staff member Skye found out that Lady was in need of a Foster home and jumped at the opportunity.

It all moved pretty swiftly from there; Skye took Lady home, very slowly introduced her to her other cat (as Lady isn’t much into sharing), and settled her in. One the first night Lady was sitting on people’s laps and making herself at home on every bed in the house she could find.

Fast forward to last week, and we got the final confirmation; we were never going to see Lady again, unless it was picture form. Skye, admitting Foster defeat, decided to adopt Lady and make her a permanent part of the family.

We’re all thrilled with the news and couldn’t be happier for such a well-matched pair.

If you’d like to be a Foster Fail, enquire about our fostering program by emailing sheltersupervisor@catprotection.com.au or call 8457 6500.

Lady and Sky




Black is the New Black. Black Cat Appreciation Day

August 17 marks the official Black Cat Appreciation Day. We love and appreciate our black cats, but sadly, shelter statistics state that black cats often get overlooked in the shelter for a number of reasons;

  • The stigma that black cats bring bad luck
  • Black cats are not as ‘pretty’ as other cats
  • Black cats are harder to see (photographs of dark coloured animals are much harder to see. People are often looking for a face to fall in love with and instantly connect with, and the animal doesn’t stand out in a crowd, they just get overlooked.)



We think the benefits of adopting a black cat far outweigh the negatives. Here’s why;

Our Top 10 Reasons to Adopt a Black Cat:

  1. Black cats are the least likely to be adopted
  2. Black cats look sleek and sophisticated
  3. Holding a black cat is very slimming!
  4. Black cats will match any decor
  5. A lint brush isn’t required for a black-tie affair
  6. When you love a black cat, luck is on your side
  7. Black cats are like onyx, a beautiful gem
  8. They don’t care what colour YOUR hair is!
  9. Love knows no colour, and…

10. Adopting a black cat may be lucky for you… and it’s definitely lucky for them!

(from catchat.org)

We have a few black cats that would love to go to their forever homes;







If you’ve adopted a black cat from us, we’d love to hear how they’re getting on in your home. Email us at info@catprotection.com.au. Or if you can think of more reasons why Black Cats are awesome, post your reasons in the comment section below!


Further reading;








Heffner and Mahrnie

Hi guys. Just thought I would tell you how life is with our two fur balls that we adopted from you a few years ago…

Heffner is now 9 and Mahrnie is 8 now (adopted at 5 and 4).

Heffner (originally known as Heff) is our boy who will steal your heart as quick as to look at you. He is a ladies man and a giant ball of fluff who loves the heater. He has many friends in our quiet little street and is seen playing with them regularly.

Mahrnie (originally known as Marny) is our pretty princess and she knows it as well. Mahrnie likes to keep to herself but doesn’t mind a cuddle from her favourite people. She loves her food with her favourite treat being sliced chicken breast from the deli. We would like to thank you all for allowing these little balls of fluff enter our lives and we will definitely be returning when the time comes.

13918776_10153952539938165_942855466_o 13978141_10153952540398165_407048880_o 13987278_10153952539468165_854961852_o 14012503_10153952540173165_697950101_o

18 years and Counting

Pets are a long-term commitment. Bubbles is testament; she’s happily living out her nine lives with the one family, and going strong…

“18 years and counting; Bubbles has been in the family since I was 5…

I adopted my cat Bubbles from you almost 18 years ago now. You are a fantastic organisation and Bubbles couldn’t be happier with the life she found.”

We couldn’t be happier with the life she found either 😉

13950964_10153759287056709_775421390_o 13987963_10153759287711709_1493012755_o 14012677_10153758831196709_1035415804_o