Senior Successes

This weekend we’re holding an event for our Senior and Long term resident cats. We want to celebrate the oldies and help you adopt them. We’re extending our opening hours, we will have a cat behaviourist on site and Seniors will go home with a free bag of goodies. Below are some previous Senior cats who are living the life.


Aslan was adopted at the ripe age of 14 years old. He has now been in his forever home for 2 years and is still going strong.

“Please consider adopting an older cat as they still have lots of love to give. My jobs as the grandfather of the household are: boss of the dogs, babysitter, guard cat, first in line for cuddles & garden duty” – Aslan



Missy was 11 years young when she was chosen by her best friend. Missy has now been in her new home for 6 months and she is Queen of the Castle!

“The shelter environment and myself did not see eye to eye. The reason being so many people came in and disturbed my nap time. All I wanted was my own kingdom to rule!” – Missy




Shona was 10 years young when her new family stumbled into her pen. It was not an instant attraction but not long after getting to her new home it was love. She has now been living the dream for the last 2 months.

“I have changed my ways since coming to my new home, no more cranky Shona” – Shona



Fezz was 13 years young when she was adopted a month ago. Her 95 year old owner is besotted with her as you can see by the photos below.


“I’m a star at home, It’s all about Fezz” – Fezz


Sherlock and Julian

Hello, we adopted out 2 kitties from you in January and I would like to share their photos.

My girls had never had kittens because we had our Ted when they were born and when our boy died at 17 I promised we would get 2 kittens. Best decision ever – they are a vital part of our household now. My girls love taking care of them and the love they get in return. Our new babies have bought a lot of laughter with them.

Sherlock is my eldest girls cat. She is the black kitty
Julian is our ginger boy, named for King Julian, he is aloof but we know he loves us.

…this is not long after they came home in January

Sharing their favourite spot

This is recently. We bought the scratching post from you and it’s their favourite place to be



Little Doug and Big Denholm.

Doug is our newest gorgeous little addition“- Emma.

According to Emma, Doug is trying to take over Denholm’s favourite spot on the scratching post.

When Doug was known as ‘Tiny Tim’, being fostered by one of our staff members. Here he is trying to help write his profile so he could get adopted quicker.

13844200_10155045491242306_1071013606_o (1)

…and it worked! Doug was adopted soon after.

Playing with his new brother, Denholm.

Trying to take over Denholm’s cat pole.


Cookie is another foster success story. Formerly known has ‘Chickpea’, Cookie was fostered with her brothers Gnocchi and Jellybean. The siblings were lucky in that they had time to grow up out of a shelter environment and in someone’s home, away from the stresses that living in a shelter sometimes brings.

In foster care, all three kittens quickly gained enough weight and became strong enough to be desexed and vaccinated. After these procedures were done, the kittens very quickly found their own forever homes, and new families of their own. Here are some pictures of Cookie’s new family; we think it’s safe to say Cookie has landed on all four paws, wouldn’t you agree?

When she was known as ‘Chickpea’. She used to love playing with her tail.

Snuggles with her big brother.

With foster mum, Audrey.

‘Cookie’, helping her new Dad play guitar.

Chillin out, diggin some tunes

Sussing out the fireplace

Cuddles on a human and under a blanket? Life can’t get much more perfect than that.

Cuddles with the smaller human.

Max(imum) Cuteness!

Here are some pics of kitten we picked up yesterday. His name is Max! A bundle of fun and energy….. Thanks for tips! Cheers, Albamax max1

Cat Stevens, what a Rock Star.

Hi! Just wanted to send you lovely people a massive thankyou! I adopted my big ginger boy who was known as Pumpkin (now Stevens) a few weeks back and he’s been such a treat and settled in as soon as we got home ❤️
13833264_1787009498240020_1446009348_o 13835614_1787009331573370_1143047780_o 13838165_1787009381573365_2830168_o 13838280_1787009491573354_1287943884_o 13838488_1787010001573303_1411464018_o 13840498_1787009418240028_1214405098_o 13843568_1787010004906636_729687203_o 13843599_1787009241573379_434940803_o
As you can see he’s certainly won our hearts!

Senior Saturday

Hearts full of Love for adopted Pair

Just a quick update to let everyone know how our two recent adoptees are settling in. We adopted the gorgeous boy Smokey (formerly Ramsay) about 2 months ago, and while he’s still shy, he’s certainly opened up! He loves his spot on the couch, and his new sister has really brought him out of his shell. We adopted Penny (formerly Aurora) just last week, and she’s the queen of the castle already! She’s settled in fantastically, loves the place and her big brother. They’re having lots of fun and play time. We think they’ll be very happy together.

Thanks very much to the team at Cat Protection Society, you’ve helped make our home (and our hearts!) full.

Nicole and Sam

aurora aurora1 aurora2


Got the Feels for Felix

This is Felix, we adopted him into our family from the cat protection society on the 29th of July. At that time he was very timid and often hid in the smallest and darkest possible place. Now, a few weeks later he will stay at your heel and follow you around until you stop everything and play with him. He loves taking over the beds and couches for naps, sneaking up on pens and meowing till he gets attention. He is very good with our 5 year old family member and as I type this is trying to gain my attention by sitting on my lap and rubbing his head against my hand, something he wouldn’t even consider doing when we first adopted him.


Thank you for helping complete our family Jaslyn, Jacqui, Holly and Siga

A Foster Success!

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Caesar’s Palace

On Friday I came in and adopted Caesar so I thought I would give you a bit of an update on how he’s settling into his new house.
Well the first thing I should say is he has had a name change, I didn’t think Caesar suited him so his new name is Douglas which might turn into Dougie for short.
We have bonded very well, he is such a sweet natured boy and is very well behaved. He loves being scratched under the chin, sleeping on the couch and my bed and he loves his food!!! He is a wonderful addition to my life. Thank you for all your hard work and the care you provide for kitties in need.

Kind regards Georgina (and Douglas)

dougie3 dougie2 dougie1 dougie

Missy & Casper

London who is now known as Missy was adopted with Casper recently by Lynne. Missy is settling slowly but surely, unlike Casper who has made himself at home in every way!   Lynne said “Missy is definitely a purr machine and Casper is a very chatty boy”

casper1 casper2 Casper missy1

And Pebbles makes three…

Hi Cat Protection Society, my husband adopted our kitten for us for Christmas 2015. We named her Pebbles and she is the best addition to our family. We love her, spoil her and let her run the house! She is extremely loved. I have millions of photos and she even has her own hash tag #pebblescampbell!  rachel5 rachel4 rachel3 rachel2 rachel1 rachel


Hey! Just thought I’d send you this snap of Moss (formerly known as Logan) looking particularly happy with himself. He is amazing, the most affectionate, loving and hilarious cat ever. We couldn’t be happier! Plenty more photos and videos if you’d like to see any others.

He could not be more loved! He is such a sook and is always the centre of attention! The perfect cat – he is playful and does plenty of weird, funny cat stuff like running in circles in the bath, but is also the biggest snuggler I have ever known! He has brought so much love and joy into our household, I don’t think any of us could be happier with the arrangement!!

Tennille & Aaron.