Foster with CPS

Harry Highpants

[Harry Highpants] is turning 11 years old in November. I adopted him from CPS on 23rd November 2008 when he was approx 3 years old. I remember there were so many cats to choose from that day, but Mr Highpants (then named ‘Kid’) chose me; I went back to look at him again after seeing lots of other cats in the CPS enclosures and as I stood in front of him (he was sitting on a shelf around eye level), looked into his massive hazel eyes and said “I don’t know, should I take you home with me or not?” and he lifted up his paw and touched my cheek! I presumed that meant his answer was “Yes!”.

He’s been my constant companion for the past 8 years and i love him to bits – even when he wakes me up with is snoring,  or does really smelly poos in his kitty litter or at wakes me at 6am every morning by, again, gently tapping on my face to be fed. He was diagnosed with diabetes around 4 years ago but it’s manageable with regular vet check ups and i have to inject him with insulin 6am and 6pm every day.

Love Candace and Harry Highpants xx

harru highpants 1 harry highpants harry hightpants 2 harry hightpants 3 harry highpants 4

Kit and Kat ADOPTED!

Hello CPS folks!

I wanted to send you an update on Kit and Kat who are happy additions to our home.

On your advice we popped them together in a bathroom with litter/toys/food when they got home and they were both fairly nervous at first (understandably).
Kit adapted really well and quite quickly, basically she was ruling the household by about Day 3! She loves a cuddle, playing with her toys and snoozing on the end of the bed with you in the morning. She loves to have a chat and makes sure you give her a pat whenever she feels like it.

Kat has been much more shy (as we were warned). He was really nervous first 2-3 days and barely came out of the bathroom. In fact the poor little guy slept in the litter on Day 1 where he seemed to feel safest. He started coming out a bit more, but is still very shy about being approached for a pat. He’s pretty good now, he likes to sleep in my wardrobe! He’s found a nice little spot where he feels secure and when he sits there he doesn’t mind a gently pat, he gets quite purry when you do. So this is a good sign that he’s much more relaxed and settled

Kit is eating well now, she has a healthy appetite and we’re starting to get a fairly regular feeding rhythm, Kat is not eating all that much, but will venture out for food occasionally and enjoys chomping loudly on his bikkies. He looks healthy though so we’re not worried. We presume he does most of his eating while we’re out/asleep.

On an adorable note, Kat really seemed to rely on Kit for safety and reassurance at first, following her and meowing for her when he felt nervous, she would come and sleep next to him to calm him down! What a lovely sister!

Our family/friends who have come past to meet them all say they’re beautiful!

Best wishes,

David and Gabby

and Kit and Kat
kit24 kit2kit222

kit23 kit22

Marty McFly Flying High

I just wanted to let you know how Marty McFly has settled in since he came to live with us on Saturday.

We have renamed him Max and he has fitted in to our family perfectly. He has a new “sister”, Molly  who is a border collie and they are getting along really well.

He is so affectionate and we adore him.

Thank you so much for allowing him to come home with us, it feels like he has always been a part of our family.


marty1 marty13 marty marty12 marty14

Big Boy, Big love, Big Sebastian

We LOVE Sebastian; and what’s more, we LOVE his new owners. She says ‘I can’t believe how beautiful he is; he always talking, especially to wake me up in the morning. He constantly wants pats and cuddles.




seb3 seb4 sebastian1

A Note from Nina

Hi Joanna and friends,

One of my humans said she’d let you know how I settle in. As I spend a lot of time walking over her iPad I thought I may drop a line instead.

It’s been 10 days now and I’m finding this new place not too bad. I think I’ll stay.

I spent the first 3 or 4 nights lying low and not eating. Then they started harassing me to give me what they call ” compulsory pats”. It wasn’t that bad except when we went into the lounge room where there was a very realistic wildlife show on the tv and an open fire. Altogether too much!

But now I think it’s ok and line up in my spot on the centre of the couch where I can move from one of my humans to the other. I prefer the bigger human a bit but I try to not let on as it’s the smaller one that feeds me.

The downside is I have to share the space with a pesky kitten. I’m keeping him in his place though, especially when he thinks my twitching tail is a toy. My humans are trying to get me to play with various toys and I’m starting to participate a bit, although I prefer sleeping and cuddling.

Anyway thanks for looking after me and recommending me to my new humans. I think they’ll be OK as long as they keep recognising I need to learn at my own pace.

Love, Nina (nee Emerald)



Pesky the kitten. My humans call him Sooty.


Hanging out with my big human. I usually get the knee


Playing? Well rolling over and sticking my tongue out is a start.


Mmmmm birds, not allowed … too bad.



Good news all round. Amber has settled in really well. Socks has finally accepted her as being there. Amber really has claimed two spots in the house, one is my bed and the other is the couch. She really does love to nap and sleep next to me when I watch tv or play games. She is not much of a runner, but takes her time from getting from one place to the next.


Amber is more content with the company and watching the world go around. She is starting to get use to being picked up (however still not a fan of it), and I am slowly warming her up to belly scratches (I have not lost another finger yet).


Amber has actually traveled outside for a short period of time, however she was not interested in how cold it was and just came back inside for a nap on the couch.


amber3 amber4 amber2

DC and Arty- Update


Just an update on DC and Arty; Sometimes when I work from home DC comes by to encourage me ……. he’s not very good at it. Arty on the other hand doesn’t even try. And she has a box – so life is good.

DC dc1 dc2



They may look alike, but the similarities end there…


DC and Arty’s owner says;


Just a note to let you know how the 2 cats we adopted are doing. We adopted Cane & Truffle from CPS about a month ago and given them new names. Cane is now ‘Washington the Danger Cat’ (aka DC) and Truffle is ‘Artemis’ (aka Arty). Artemis is very much the graceful explorer whereas DC is a real homebody.


Both have made themselves quite at home as you can see from the attached pictures.



cane2 cane1 cane


Paul’s nuts for Peanuts

Just a quick update on Peanut, he and Norman now play together and behave like they grew up together.

Peanut has claimed us as his and happily uses us to sit on, get pats from etc.

peanut peanut1 peanut2 peanut3

Thanks again!

Tico, the “Dog Cat”


We thought you’d like to know how kitten “2122”, now named Simpatico (Tico for short) is going.  It has been just over a month now since Tico came home to live with us and it has been a delight having her.

She settled in right away, her first night was in no way a nervous night.  It was straight onto our bed and that’s where she stayed until hassling me at 6.30 the next morning.

She is a funny little girl who enjoys playing with her numerous toys, sleeping in the basket of her cat tree and fetching her balls back to us so we can throw them again and again for her…we call her a Dog Cat.  She has a favourite toy, this being her cat teaser (a long feather on a handle) which she carries around in her mouth and brings it into our bed at night with her.  She also enjoys watching TV, ball sports seem to be her thing but my husband said she also likes the surfing. The other night she had us in fits of laughter when the RSPCA advertisement came on with the animals walking across the screen, she jumped up at the TV, was pawing them and looking for them at the back of TV when they left the screen…just wish we’d been quick enough to get a video of her.


I have attached a few photos, the one of her looking like a meerkat at the TV was her first night with us…she is definitely not shy.


Thank you for looking after her until we found her!



Heather  & Stephen


tico tico1 tico2

“Laid Back Larry”

I picked up Larry on Friday and he’s settled in fine although munchkin is clearly unhappy with his presence right now I’m hoping that will settle over time.

I’ve christened him laid back Larry he has settled in that well.

Pictures attached.

larry2 larry larry1

Charlie and Lucie

Dear all,

[Here are] a few pictures of our 2 little friends Charlie and Lucie. They are wonderful and adapted extremely quickly to their new environment, thanks to the good advice received at CPS.

Thank you for everything,

Isabelle, Roman and Olivier


charlie charlie1 charlie2

Tails and Spade

Just to let you know that both our cats have settled in quite well and after some initial hissing from Tails to Spade (little black kitty), they seem to be friends now.  I have attached some pics for you.

Both our kitties are getting on very well, even snuggling up together, although in the pic [first picture] it is very hard to see Spade (black kitten). You can just see her eyes back right.


Kind regards


tails Tails tails13 tailss tails12 Tails and Spade tails and spade1

Shadow, the Italian Kitty- 1 year on

One year on and Shadow is just as loved, just as spoilt and  just as cute! Here are some updated pics  and an update of Shadow in her home:

“Shadow is one year old and we love her so much. She is still very well behaved and makes us so happy. She now eats stir fry, roast chicken, sardines and still loves her croissants. We find it amazing how she communicates with us. We have learnt to understand what each meow means.She makes different sounds for what she wants.A cry is for food, a constant meow is let me in the garage to use my litter ( she waits at the garage door) and then she makes soft little noices when you talk to her or if we call out where are you Shadow? She replies with a little meow. We miss her even when we go shopping and of course she is always happy to see us.We are so glad we rescued her, she is part of our family. Kindest regards Trish Josh Jess and Shadow.”





We thought you might like an update on our beautiful new family member Shadow. She has brought us so much happiness we love her heaps. She is such a good girl, always well behaved. We do spoil her especially with food. ( small amounts only). She loves croissants, ham, cooked chicken, and prosciutto. She really is an Italian kitty now 🙂 Here are some cute snaps we would love to share with you. Kindest Regards, Trish, Jess, Josh, and Shadow

shadow14 shadow15 shadow16 shadow shadow1 shadow3 shadow4 shadow2 shadow4 shadow5 shadow6  shadow9 shadow12 shadow11 shadow10 shadow8  shadow13shadow7shadow17