Larry has moved in with Munchkin!

Do you remember our head licking Munchkin? The time was right to get a friend for Munchkin, so Larry joined the household.

Hi guys, just letting you know that I picked up Larry on Friday and he’s settled in fine although Munchkin is clearly unhappy with his presence right now I’m hoping that will settle over time.

I’ve christened him laid back Larry he has settled in that well.

larry       munchkin1

Smooch, just checking in

Dear Cat Protection Society,

I thought I would let you know how I am going at my new home.  I really love my family.  I like living with three children because they leave lots of fun little things lying around the house that I like to chew and pull apart.  They love it too because they always shout out my name when they see me and then they hide the toys, so it’s like a game of hide and seek.  Christmas was particularly fun, because there was lots of shiny things to play with, especially from the giant toy tree.


I also enjoy helping the lady-human with their homework.  I know how to type on the computer and how to keep her papers warm.


I enjoy sitting on the dining table waiting for more food.  They think that two home made meals a day and 24/7 access to dry cat and not-cat food and water is enough.  They’ll learn one day that it isn’t.  I tell them all the time; I yell loudly at them every time they go into the kitchen, the pantry or when they walk past my room; even if I am in another room!  I know where they are AND I know they could use their time more wisely by making me more food!  I know they haz tha foods! They’re good humans otherwise, they understand when I want a big firm rub and cuddle or to play and sleep, but they just won’t feed me more than twice a day!


All of this living makes me tired so I spend a lot of time sleeping on my very own king size bed.  I don’t quite understand why the lady-human thinks that my side of the bed is where she can sleep.  She makes me move, but I put up resistance.  I get my own revenge back by licking her face, biting her nose and purring loudly in her ear, and sometimes I sit on her head when the very first morning bird tells me it’s wake up time.  I also love when the man-human has a rest cuz his squishy tummy makes a nice pillow.

Rosco now Maxi has grown up!

Hi, I’ve been meaning to send some pictures of beautiful Maxi (formerly known as Rosco!).

Maxi seemed to suit him more as his name as he was quite a big boy. Seeing as he loves playing outdoors (and comes in and out of windows as he pleases) he has trimmed down and settled in very well!

Maxi is beautiful, confident, playful and affectionate (on his terms of course!). He has really brought a lot of love and joy to the household and we adore him! He also greets passers by cheering up their day with purrs and cuddles!

We’re very grateful to have him.

Best wishes,


Blu has made himself at home!

Just writing to thank you for the kitten we adopted just over a week ago. 

 He has settled in amazingly and loves a cuddle. We have to play with him at night so he sleeps, he pants like a dog afterwards, but he and my partner both get a good night sleep. He plays with our other cat Flip, they make so much noise! But we don’t mind. He eats a healthy amount, and sleeps when we do, though he gets up a little earlier to find Flip and play. 

I put together a few photos we have taken in his time here. I thought you’d enjoy them.

So all in all. Thank you! 



cass thornton

Kittens, Kittens & more Kittens!!!!!!!!!

Poppy’s New Home

Dear CPS Staff & Volunteers

Just wanted to say thanks for caring for Poppy (aka #5052). We adopted Poppy on 13th of Feb and she has settled in so well, now happily exploring the perimeters of our house and venturing from her bed and food bowl.

She has discovered all the loveliest places to snooze and enjoys being read to by my daughter Anya. My other daughter Zoe loves to play with her and make sure her food is topped up. She is an adored member of our family!

We are very thankful for all your hard work to ensure she found a safe and comfortable place to call ‘home’.

Best wishes
Veronika, Martin, Anya & Zoe

Cat Yoga- Is it a real?

We asked some of the cats at the shelter, and they tend to agree. They’ve given us some handy positions to keep us limber for longer;



The ‘upside down piano player’



The ‘horizontal twister’


The ‘where’s my leg? lift’


The ‘Squat and Stare’


The ‘Human Lounge Pose’


The ‘Head, shoulders, knees and (almost) toes’


The ‘downward facing cat’



The ‘wave your hands in the air like you just don’t care’


The ‘touch your nose, kick your toes’. 


And the ‘really? Yoga? You gotta be kitten me’

Do you have any pics of your cat/s in strange poses? Send them through!


Miller’s Chill

Hi Everyone


Just a quick Miller update.  He couldn’t have settled in better.  He’s quite a chilled ‘little’ fella. He’s been eating like a champion (which wasn’t difficult), has used the kitty litter and has met my friends and family that have come to meet him. He took it all in his stride and at no stage has he even seemed distressed about the transition.


Thanks for your ace work and I’ll keep you informed about Miller.

miller miller1