Pictures 8 jan 15 017 Sugar 001 Sugar 002 Sugar 006Hi All,

It has been a few months since we brought Sugar home but we thought we would send you a quick email to let you know how he is going.

Sugar was not the cat I was looking for when I first went to the Cat Protection Society, our local vet had suggested I get a kitten to go with our older cat Lady Marmalade as she has a motherly personality and this may upset another older car.  However Sugar ran out to meet me and started meowing. To make sure I came back another day with my partner and the same thing happened again.  In many ways I felt like he had chosen me, not the other way around. So I spoke with staff to see how they thought he would go with another older cat and was reassured because he was 18 months old it would be ok.  I then spoke to our vet who agreed with the staff at the cat protection society.

After bringing Sugar home and allowing time for him to adjust to his new home environment.  We slowly introduced him to his new best friend Lady Marmalade.  Lady Marmalade took pride in showing Sugar around and making him feel welcome.  Lady Marmalade has had a positive influence on Sugar and he will generally follow her lead. They are inseparable.

We love Sugar dearly and he definitely has personality. He loves company (animal or human), pats, snuggling, is playful, calm, happy in nature and is talkative.

I do think it is good for future cat owners to consider a young adult cat and the initial advice from our vet in purchasing a kitten to pair with an older cat is a suggestion not a rule of thumb. We couldn’t be happier with Sugar and it makes us happy to see the cats happy.

Many thanks to the staff at the Cat Protection Society for their advice, support, love and care in assisting felines find there forever homes.

Warm Regards,

Suzarn and Anthony

Double trouble!

These two lucky boys were recently adopted, and seem to be settling in well! New owner Deborah writes:

Hi all,

We are so very happy with our two new additions to the family here are some pics!image2 (2)  image1 (2)

image3 (2)

Adopt an Oldie!

Recently the local Leader came and took some pictures of our more senior cats, in the hopes of getting some of them adopted. Regan, our Animal Attendant who handles the adult cats, and has a soft spot for some of the oldies that have been with us for quite a while, oversaw the photoshoot.

To read the full Diamond Valley Leader article, click here


missy20 regan


Remember Opi?

Opi was one of our quiet achievers, he minded his own business didn’t ask for anything except his food (which he loved) and a good scratch and cuddle.  We tried to convince him to put himself forward, meow at people to get their attention but he would not have any part in that.   What we didn’t know was that he was waiting for the right humans to live with!   As you can see by the photos sent to us he was correct to sit back and wait.  We are so happy for Opi in his forever home……

opi4 opi2 opi


20160308_065109 20160308_182447 (00000002)

We got a beautiful kitten Sunday after having lost to cancer our beautiful cat.

The staff were really helpful and nice, but the Kitten, Islero , is even better!

Monday he was already perfectly settled and playing with our 5 yo boy and Tuesday even sleeping on the sofa while our 2 kids (2 and 5) were eating ice cream. And with us he is the sweetest boy. Really happy. And also happy that another cat Vladimir which we were undecided upon, got already adopted.

Keep up the great job and thanks from all of us Islero included


Astro Boy is on the Move

We have our own little ‘Pocket Rocket’. And his name is Astro.

Joanna, our Adoptions Officer says the little guy is a handful, in the best possible way.

“Astro is always the first to meow at you when you walk into the room. He’s a bubbly little cat, and he get very excited very easily! Astro is boisterous, and needs a family with older children that like to play a bit rough and tumble. If that family has another pet to help help expel some of Astro’s energy, then that would be awesome.

The thing with Astro is, he wants to love you and play with you ALL the time; he’ll lick you one second, then nip you the next. His bites aren’t painful, they’re more like love-bites.

People can be intimated by his larger than life personality. If you think you’ve got what it takes to tame the wild beast, he will be your best friend, at the end of the day.

If you don’t like cat kisses, then Astro isn’t the cat for you!”


Astro is available for adoption; please call us on 8457 6500 or come to the shelter to meet him!