Two Glorious Years

Dear Cat Protection Society,


Its been two wonderful years since I adopted Prince Caspian (aka Casper the 2013 Christmas Cat) and I thought I’d send you an update on how he is going as we have just celebrated his two year “Happy Adoption Day” (although he was rather disgusted with having to wear a party hat J).


He is a real character and an impressive conversationalist (as all those oriental style breeds tend to be). He has transformed from an aggressive, unpredictable cat into a smooch mummy’s boy and although he still has a few ‘unpleasant quirks’ where the litter tray is concerned, I wouldn’t give him up for the world.


I have attached a few photos from the past two years. As you can see he loves his feline brother, Mr Harper, another ex veteran of Cat Protection 9 years ago. I also purchased him a special cat jumper, as he gets cold in winter but as you can see he was highly unimpressed.


Thank you for allowing me to adopt both these beautiful boys and I look forward to many more ‘Happy Adoption Days’ with both of them.






Amelia Just Needed Someone to Love

Amelia was a long-termer with us, now she’s a lifer with Alexis


Dear Cat Protection Society,

I wanted to let you know how Amelia is going! It has been just over two months since she came to live with me, and she has transformed so remarkably in that time. At first, she was too afraid to come out of her box, but it was only a matter of days until she started showing signs of her affectionate and playful nature.

Nowadays she loves snuggling on my lap, tending to the catnip on the windowsill, playing with her toys and most of all, rolling decadently on the carpet. And, she has the loudest purr I have ever heard. I am so grateful to be able to share my home with such a sweet little girl, so thank you for bringing us together.



amelia amelia1 amelia2 amelia3

Happy 3 year Cativersary Angelica!

Happy 3-year Cativersary to Angelica and her owner, Angie.

Angelica was our ‘Christmas Angel’ 3 years ago. She blew people away with her stunning green eyes, Angie in particular. 3 years on, the pair are inseparable, happy, and going strong!




Lion’s lending a paw to the little Cat

What a great idea…

Did your workplace do a Kris Kringle or Secret Santa for Christmas? Did you go home with a sub-par collection of bath salts and candles or novelty alcohol accessory, that you’ve already re-gifted or chucked?

Lion staff didn’t.

Instead, a group of the staff decided to gift their favourite Animal charities with goods such as food, toys, and litter. Cat Protection Society was lucky enough to be one of these charities.

Lee, a Lion staff member, visited the Shelter on Wednesday laden with good-quality food and cat-goods. She also snuck in a few cat-hugs while she was here.  We want to thank Lion for thinking of us, and for all the food our cats and kittens will be chowing into, thanks to their generosity.

If you’re thinking of something to do with your workplace, help out a charity. Collect food, do a donation drive; hold a fundraising event (bake sale, book sale etc), or promoting their cause, are just some of the ways you can help. Not only will you booster team-relations and make yourself feel good but you will also be helping a charity whilst doing so!

Every little bit counts.

We are a not-for-profit organisation and any monetary donation over $2 is tax-deductible. If you’d like more information, email us on or give us a call on 8457 6500.


Lee handing over the goods to Amanda


… and getting some cat cuddles in


Thanks Lion!



A plea from our longest serving residents

And the award goes to…

We have a group of moggies that have won the title of ‘longest-serving residents’. This is not a title that we want for these gorgeous cats and one that you can help strip them of!

The cats pictured have been with us at the Shelter for more than one year and have watched countless other cats go to loving forever homes. Cats like Regina are left wondering, ‘why not me?’, ‘who will love me?’, ‘when is my forever family coming to get me?’. These ‘long-termers’, through no fault of their own have done more than their fair share of Shelter time, and we want you to help them find the forever home they so desperately want (and deserve!).

Please share this picture around, because it just may be your actions that have the biggest impact on a cat like Shona. Shona may be grumpy and like to speak her mind, but we know there’s a fiesty owner out there that would meet their match in Shona! Or a quiet owner who would love to snooze all day with Genie. Or a busy owner who would love to let Priscilla just do her own thing.

For more information on any of these cats, look at their profiles on our website, or call us on 8457 6500 or email


long termers_edited-1

Lever Arch Folders- FREE. Take them!

You want them? We’ve got them. Lots of them…

FREE! Please take them off our hands! We have a lot of Lever Arch Folders that we no longer needs. They’re in great condition.

If you’re interested just pop into the shelter at 200 Elder Street Greensborough and grab some (or all!), or call us on 8457 6500, or email


Lever Arch Folders

What’s On- My Pet Warehouse

Last year  we were privileged enough to hang out with the animal lovers at My Pet Warehouse in Northcote. And this year, we’re doing it all over again.

On Saturday, January 30th, CPS will have a stall set up in the Northcote store, decked out with goodies for sale, information material, profiles of our cats for adoption, and staff will be on hand to answer all your cat-loving questions. The Pet Warehouse staff will host a vegan BBQ to keep the ‘hangries’ (so hungry your’e angry) at bay.

Stuff about cats, cats stuff for sale, stuff your face with food…a perfect combo!

We’ll be there from 10am to 2pm.

See you there!



Artemis and Bindy


We thought you might like to hear from one of your former residents (who we named Artemis) who is nearly a year old now.  She dictated this to us recently;


In May last year when I was only twelve weeks old I was adopted by two humans, Elizabeth and Craig.  They took me home to their house where I met Bindy, their big Labrador dog.  She was a little scared of me at first but we soon became best friends.  We have a lot of fun together and she is very patient with me.  When we play sometimes I get over excited and bite Bindy on the legs and face but she doesn’t get upset.  She often brings me one of her toys to get me to play, and now the weather is warmer we sometimes have a wrestle in the grass in the garden.  When it was colder she let me sleep with her to keep warm.  My humans have attached a photo to this email showing how good friends I am with Bindy.

As for my humans they have been nice too.  They installed cat netting all around the garden so I can’t wander out of our property.  I’m a bit annoyed about this as I think it would be fun to explore the neighbourhood but they assure me it is for my own safety.  I have a catflap so I can go out and come in whenever I want, except at night when I’m locked inside.  They also got me lots of toys so between them and Bindy I’m never bored.

Overall I am very happy in my new home.  Sometimes I go and visit Elizabeth’s mum Julia and her cat Monty at her house, but I prefer it at home where I am the boss.

I want to thank the Cat Protection for looking after me when I was young and for letting Elizabeth and Craig adopt me.



Thanks for letting us adopt Artemis, she’s a little gem.


Craig & Elizabeth

Help a Cat and Buy a Calendar!

No one gifted you a Calendar for 2016? Well, we’ve got you covered with a Cat Protection Society 2016 Calendar. And the good news is, they are

 50% OFF! 

That’s $10 (+p & h) for the best calendar in the world. Because every dollar goes to the direct care of all of our cats and kittens. That should make you feel good, knowing that, not only do you have a bunch of cute cat pictures hanging on your wall, you’ve also helped feed, medicate, and provide for heaps of other great cats in our care.

So go on, treat yourself with a $10 CPS Calendar.

Here’s how;

1) Print and send us a mail order form (available on our website, in our ‘shop’ section- or just click here!)

2) Call us and order over the phone (8457 6500, Mon-Fri 10am-4pm, Sat/Sun 11am-2pm)


3) Pop into the shelter and buy (save on postage!) and see the cats you’re helping!


But HURRY! Limited stock available




And I would wait 1000 days…

Sounds like the beginning of a song, doesn’t it. Well not for Abigail. For her, it was reality.

Abigail came to our shelter at the end of 2012, heavily pregnant. She gave birth to four kittens and nurtured them until they were all healthy enough and old enough to be desexed and go for adoption. One by one, all four kittens found their forever homes, and Abigail watched on in hopes of finding her own.

Days, then months, then years went by and Abigail still hadn’t found her forever home. In the meantime, she’s gotten a bit pudgier, grown up a little and we all got to know her quite well. She wasn’t the most outgoing cat, liked her own company and enjoyed snoozing in the sun. She felt most secure when she was off the ground, on some shelving we have in our adult pens. Abigail was like a middle aged lady set in her ways. If she didn’t like you she wouldn’t have a bar of you and just walk away nonchalantly.

As we rolled into 2016, Abigail rolled into her third year with us. Then we got a phone call that changed Abigail’s life, forever.

I want give Abigail a home…

The woman who rang was looking for a cat that had been with us for a while, and was deemed to be more ‘difficult’ to adopt because of their temperament. She’d seen Abigail on our website and felt she could give Abigail the home she needed.

Days later, the woman came to the shelter to meet Abigail. After a lengthy chat with the vet, and a good long while spending time with Abigail and the vet together, it was time to sign on the dotted line. Abigail was going home.

A home where she has her very own room, two dog companions, an outdoor cat run and a very understanding and caring adoptee. It seems that, after over 1000 days, Abigail can finally live out her ‘Happy Ever After’.

Abigail’s new owner says she is settling in slowly; she’s starting to become curious about her surroundings and suss out her new domain. It is still early days but what a fantastic start!

Stay tuned for updates on Abigail and her new home!

FullSizeRender (2)

Abigail came to us pregnant and spent her first while with us caring for her kittens and posing for photos


Abigail’s first profile picture


Abigail’s second profile, looking a little plumper around the cheeks


… and her final profile, a 3D cut out we took to all our of expos and put in stores around Melbourne


While she was with us, Abigail enjoyed lazing around with her friends. In fact, that was probably her favourite pastime.


Abigail, not long before her adoption