Fun Day Out: Nillumbik Pet Expo

The 19th Annual Nillumbik Pet Expo was a successful day out for the Cat Protection Society. We made friends, raised funds for the Society, painted faces, and had a lucrative raffle prize.

Animals of all breeds, shapes and sizes (and their owners) visited the Expo, held at Marngrook Oval in Diamond Creek on Sunday 25th October. And there was something there for every creature, great and small; a petting zoo, cat accessories, dog training, mini-horse competitions, (human) food vans, and huksy demonstrations.

CPS was amongst other shelters who held stalls at the expo; Lost Dogs Home, Edgar’s Mission, and Golden Retriever Rescue to name a few.

A big THANKYOU goes out to our friends at Catnip Australia who donated one of their custom- made Cat Enclosures (valued at $600) for our on-the-day raffle. Our lucky winner was Rebecca, a volunteer from Edgar’s Mission, took home the great prize and we are told that her “four cats will LOVE enclosure”

If you are after your own, custom made and unique cat enclosure, head to for more info.

A great day at the Nillumbik Pet Expo has us excited for our next one; the Bayside Pet Expo: SEE YOU THERE!

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Setting up the marquee; Naomi on balloons, Alison preparing our Catnip Cat Enclosure Raffle prize and Kylie stationed at the face-painting table.


Kylie painting her most popular design; the rainbow cat.


Connecting with the Nillumbik Community


Amanda promoting our wares for sale


WINNER! Rebecca, a volunteer from Edgar’s Mission, won our amazing raffle prize.


Coveting her loot


WHAT’S ON: CPS at Bayside Pet Expo

CPS is delighted to be a part of of the Bayside Pet Expo on Sunday 8th November.

Staff members will be on hand to answer questions, talk to you about your feline and provide you with information regarding the CPS.

Our stall will also have

  • CPS branded merchandise for sale (tshirts, mugs, tote bags and more!)
  • Face Painting for a Gold Coin donation
  • Free balloons
  • CPS information
  • Profiles of our cats for adoption
  • and more!

The expo promises to be a fun day for the whole family. Especially your pet! PLUS! WIN A CPS HAMPER! Go in the raffle to win a cat igloo FULL of toys, blankets, food and more!




Two Golden Oldies

Update on Barry and Rosie

We are so delighted to have adopted two golden-oldies Barry and Rosie in June this year.

Barry it turns out is part cat and part lap dog.  He loves company, and will follow us from room to room looking for a chance to steal a spot on a lap.  His big green eyes stare directly into the soul.  At night time he commands a least half of the doona.  He is a bit too lazy for grooming or other cat-like activities, but loses his cool at the sound of thunder or a vacuum cleaner.  He has earned the nick-name the BFC – the big, friendly cat.

Rosie is a proper feline lady.  She likes catnip, balls that rattle and napping in the sun.  She has become more relaxed over time, enjoying being brushed, petted and cuddled.  She has even learnt to tolerate the above BFC.  We hope one day to catch them smooching.

We are so lucky to have Rosie and Barry in our lives.  Thank you for looking after them so well.

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C & D

Magic Mike


This is Mike now. We have renamed him River and he is having a great time with us. He loves sleeping on the bed and is a great new member of our family. Thank you for raising this wonderful cat!

Kitty Santa’s own Kitty

Do you know the CPS Kitty Santa Claus? She comes to the CPS at Christmas time and delivers cheer and love to all the CPS cats and kittens. (You can read her story here).

Well, even Santa needs a feline friend, and our Kitty Santa adopted Neo.

This is her update;

“Neo loves sitting on me and brothers’ beds and loves a good belly rub. We are so glad he came into our lives; he is playful and very friendly he is a night owl and loves to go on adventures into everyone’s bedroom and play with our feet.

Despite being anxious and a little bit stressed he has really warmed up and now loves our pet dogs and especially us. So a very big thank you to the CPS team for bringing us a new best friend.

From Samantha, Max, Audrey and Mark.”


Neo looking for birds


Neo on my brother’s bed! A.K.A his favourite spot.


Neo and me having a good cuddle!

Mad About Monty




I am Anjali, and I came in to adopt Dino (9837), about two weeks ago on Sept 26, 2015. I’m writing in to let you know that my husband and I are absolutely and completely in love with him. He is now known as C Montgomery Burns-Mohan or Monty Mohan.

From Day 1, it was never like Monty is new to our house and family. He understands everything we say to him and is such a wonderful companion. On the first day here, I kept him in the downstairs room for a while to get used to his new surroundings. We spent some time with him there and got him used to our sound and smell. He is very affectionate and took to us almost immediately. I think he understood how badly we wanted him to become a part of our family because he waltzed through the house and found his favourite spots on the very first night! The photograph of him watching TV (Which he loves to do BTW) is from his first night with us.

He is a complete nut. Curious as a monkey, he sticks his pretty pink nose in to everything we do. Loading and unloading the dishwasher and packing a suitcase are never without constant supervision and frequent interruptions. He loves his toys and is very playful. I’m usually woken up by the sound of him running up and down the stairs like his tail is on fire at 5:45 am!

He is an indoors cat, though he likes a spot of bird watching in the balcony every now and then.  He is fast asleep on the couch as I write this. And he is a very no fuss eater. I give him his tuna loaf breakfast or chicken dinner (cat food) and he cleans his plate out every time. He was absolutely no trouble at all regarding his litter training around the house. He has been getting that right from the first night here too.

My husband travels for work and it is usually Monty and me in the house. He is such a comforting companion to have. Snuggles with me at night and curls up with me on the couch and follows me around the house and creeps up on me sometimes too!

I love him and cannot thank you enough for your help and support in bringing him home.


I hope this update gives you a good idea of how much our life has benefited from having Monty with us.


monty monty1 monty2 monty3 monty4 monty5 monty6 monty8 monty9 monty10

Elvis has left our Building

Here’s just a few pics of Elvis enjoying just being himself, he is actually fantastic with kids and everyone ends up falling for him. Even my fiancé and him have a bromance going on. He originally was marking his work clothes and in the laundry basket but I got him a feliway diffuser and he has been great ever since!

Thanks so much for all you do,

Nicole and Elvis

elvis elvis1 elvis2 elvis3

WHAT’S ON – CPS at My Pet Warehouse Northcote, Saturday 17th October

This Saturday, 17th October Cat Protection Society will be at My Pet Warehouse in Northcote, armed with brochures, flyers, information, posters of our cats for adoption, merchandise and much more! Come and say hello to us and the Pet Warehouse team. We’d love to meet you and answer all your feline questions.



Where: My Pet Warehouse, 345-7 High Street, Northcote, VIC 3070

When: 10am to 2pm, Saturday 17th October

Go to the My Pet Warehouse Website for more.

My Pet Warehouse Northcote


WHAT’S ON: CPS at Nillumbik Pet Expo. Sunday 25th October

Cat Protection Society of Victoria is excited to be a part of the 2015 Nillumbik Pet Expo.

The event promises to be a fun-filled and informative day out for animal lovers and pet owners.

Come and visit the CPS tent, where you will find;

  • Staff on hand to answer questions
  • Face Painting
  • CPS branded merchandise for sale
  • Adoption Information
  • Lucky Dip
  • General feline information


At the Expo you will find;

  • Pony rides
  • Pet competitions
  • Reptile displays
  • Face painting
  • Dog obedience displays
  • Food stalls
  • …and much more!




When: Sunday 25 October 2015

Time: 10am to 4pm

Where: Marngrook Oval, Diamond Creek.




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Brimbank Animal Expo a (hot) hit for CPS!

While the hot and sticky weather may have deterred some, nothing got in the way of the Cat Protection Society holding a stall at the Brimbank Animal Expo.

Held over the weekend, the Expo drew animal lovers and pet owners to Westvale Community Centre to meet with rescue organisations, animal products, breed-specific groups and enjoy demonstrations from Disc Dogs and Howling Huskies.

The CPS’ first expo went smoothly. Staff members Alison, Regan, Kylie and Amanda manned the Marquee over the course of the day, and talked to the public about responsible pet ownership, our cats available for adoption, and sold our new CPS- branded merchandise. Kylie and her facepainting skills were a hit with the kids.

We are now pumped for the next expo, which is the Nillumbik Pet Expo (stay tuned for more info)

We hope to see you there!


Setting up the CPS Marquee for the first time… Before


…and after


Ready and raring to go. Open for business!


Perched between Greyhound Rescue Inc. and Luna’s Cucina & Collars


Alison surveying the set up.


Alison and Kylie were on-hand to talk to the public about CPS


Our Lucky Dips were pretty popular


While we didn’t bring actual cats with us, we brought our cats for adoption, in poster and flyer form


We all got attacked by the paint brush


Kylie, doing her thing.


Schnee’s me!

Schnee making herself VERY comfortable in her new home. According to her new owners, she’s a typical cuddly lap cat!


shnee3 shnee2 shnee1 shnee