The Cat’s biggest feline fan

Our story with Cat Protection Victoria began in 2003 when Wes adopted a gorgeous all white kitten called Casper. Casper lived a long, happy and eventful life with us until it was time for him to cross the Rainbow Bridge. He travelled to Queensland and back by both plane and car and ruled every single neighbourhood that we lived in. He was very bossy and fearless and he was our best mate, always looking after us through thick and thin. He was also a fierce supporter of the Geelong Cats, of course.


After we had to say good bye to Casper we quickly realised that our house was very empty without a cat to keep us in line so we decided to adopt from CPS again. Zeus, who used to be called Tyler (id#394), was around 2.5 years old when we adopted him from CPS in 2013. He was very shy at first, but he soon settled in with us and he is now the sweetest and cuddliest cat that I’ve ever met. He’s very chatty and meows and chirps all day when he isn’t sleeping on a lap or on one of his favourite sleeping spots. He barracks for the Cats as well 🙂


Thank you to all of the wonderful people at CPS for helping so many cats to find their forever homes, and especially for helping us to adopt our 2 wonderful cats.


Jade and Wes

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Concord Student’s FUNdraiser

We were thrilled to receive a visit from the kids at Concord School last week.

The school children independently raised funds for the Cat Protection Society by selling homemade cat-shaped chocolates. With the funds they arranged four large hampers to present to the cats, and enclosed this beautiful letter;

“Dear Cat Protection Society,

As part of our Duke of Edinburgh Award – Community Service Project our class decided to raise money for your amazing cause. We chose to make chocolate truffles in the shape of cats and called the event ‘ChoCAT’late FUN!’. We then sold these to other students at the school.

We ended up making 188 chocolate truffles and raising $320.

We used our literacy and numeracy skills to travel to the shops to buy food and items we thought the cats would enjoy. We had heaps of fun and really enjoyed giving back to our community.

From the Year 9/10 students of SMD at Concord School”

We’d like to thank the students for thinking of the cats, and are deeply appreciative of their efforts and kindness.

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patting Kai


Kai, getting more attention

Thankyou Masters

We’re pretty stoked about our donated goods from MASTERS at NORTHLANDS; hose heads, shelving units, a vacuum cleaner, tubs… a shelter’s dream!

Thankyou for helping us help the cats.

Visit the Masters Home Improvement Website by clicking here

or go their facebook here


masters1 IMG_6359 dddd

Mr Biscuit and Pudding

A little “Where are they now?” note for Cat Protection Society.


Mr Biscuit was adopted on March 12, 2008 from you.  Just under two weeks ago, on 27 August, we came to visit again and this time we met “Hector”.  We have renamed him Pudding because he is so sweet (and perhaps we have a thing for naming our cats after food).  In the attached photo, Mr Biscuit is the cream tabby and Pudding is the traditional tabby and we love them both to bits.

I will get better pictures of them together but they have been playing so much that it is hard to capture them relaxing … Mr Biscuit is now 8 years old but being encouraged by Pudding to behave like a teenager!

mr biscuit



Sandi & David

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Maddy’s new Housemate

Hey guys,

Just wanted to let you know that Jabberwockie (now named Gemma, Gem for short) is settling into my household brilliantly. She’s met my house mates and gets along with them really well. I’ve discovered that she loves belly rubs and that they put her to sleep and she loves sleeping in my bed with me. She is a very snugly cat who is absolutely gorgeous. Thank you so much for letting me adopt her!


jabberwockie1 jabbherwiclie jacbberwocki2