Why we love our Cats.

We came up with the top 5 reasons why we love cats. If you have any reasons of your own to add, post them in the comment section below!

1.  They’re individuals; cats have a mind and personality of their own.

2. They are the best companions; they seem to know when you need a hug, or to just be in your presence.

3. They’re funny without even trying.

4. They are awesome.

5. We can bombard our social medias with pictures of our cats; our cat sleeping, our cat mid-yawn, mid air, mid feed. Close-up of our cat’s fur, our cat sleeping on us, with his/her cat mate, sleeping in an awkward position. Pictures of us hugging our cat, our cat on our shoulders, in our lap, in front of the television, looking out the window… you get the drift.

Here are some pictures of our cats that we love so much.


Alison, staff member says her four cats (Bundy, Tia, Kahlua and Bronx) “are very different, very unique, and they keep me broke!”



Kylie says “They love me in their own unique way. No matter how bad my day is, it’s always nice to see them meowing at me through the window”. Her cats names are Macy Gray, Blaze, and Lynx


Amanda’s cat Jim is cooler than too cool; “he’s so aloof and pretends he doesn’t care about you. But he has to be around you at all times, just so you know how much he doesn’t care…”


macy grey

Up close and personal; cat pics are the best. Thanks, Macy Gray.



When you take a picture of your cat, and it isn’t blurry, they aren’t half-blinking, or moving, it’s worth a share on social media, because it probably took you more time than you’re willing to admit to capture! (Model: Saffron Cat)



Sharon has two cats. Aslan (pictured) “purrs very loudly, and he drools. That’s what I love about Aslan. Angel, my other cat gently head-butts you when she wants attention”



Audrey says “Uncle Yap has a great sense of style. I also love his squishiness”


yap spud

Audrey has two other cats. Minnie (left) “don’t need nothing from nobody. Her petite stature is made up for by her sassy attitude, and diverse repertoire of meows. Potato, or ‘Tato (right) is not the brightest, but he has really cute arm rolls and he’s innocent and loves to dance”


Craig, our website guru says his three-legged moggie, Nelson, “is such a funny little character”




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One week in, and little Elsa has already become an invaluable part of the family. Her owners have reported back saying “We adopted our lovely Elsa last week, she is so beautiful and affectionate, made herself right at home loving all the cuddles..thank you everyone at the Cat Protection Society”

All the best to Elsa and her new family.

Send us your adoption story and picture to media@catprotection.com.au


Pepper; A Photo Journey

Around two years I adopted pepper from you guys and your Instagram people suggested I show you my story with pepper to share on the website. I’ll send a few more emails through with pictures.

Pepper was just a kitten when I adopted her, she was very loving straight away and is always wanting cuddles in bed! She gets up to a lot of mischief – a few pictures will show her wrapped up in a towel after having ran through a curry! She loves climbing up to fun places and sitting on me. She loves her jumper when it’s cold, and doesn’t really like people unless she knows them. She is such a wonderful part of my life, everyone should choose adoption over shopping.


P.S. We go on road trips a lot and she loves going to my grans holiday house just for the towel rack!


pep pep1 pep2 pep3 pep4 pep5 pep6 pep7 pep8 pep9 pep10 pep11 pep12 pep13 pep14 pep15 pep16 pep17 pep18 pep19 pep20 pep21 pep22 pep23 pep24pep25pep26pep27pep28pep29

Mystic worked her Magic

I adopted Mystic from the Cat Protection Society in July last year.

I thought it would be nice to send you a couple of photos and give you a quick update of how Mystic (now Maya) has settled into life in her forever home.

Mystic has since been renamed Maya and now has a happy relaxed life as an apartment cat.  She seems very happy with her new inner city lifestyle and enjoys snoozing on the couch, sun bathing, sitting on my plants on the balcony, and teasing the local pigeons.   She’s very affectionate and always runs up to greet me when I come home from work.  She’s also a complete bed hogger and I frequently wake up squeezed onto the edge of my mattress whilst Maya spreads out across the whole bed.

She has settled in famously and I now can’t imagine not having her around.  I love her cheekiness and inquisitiveness; in fact she’s climbing all over my laptop right now whilst I’m trying to type you this email.

I realise that she was with you for a total of 13 months which is a long time (especially in cat years), so I thought you might like to know that she’s happy and content in her new home.

Thanks again for helping me to adopt and please keep up the good work.

Kind Regards



mystic mystic1 mystic2

Toby & Jinx; The Golden Boys

Hi there



I wanted to send you a few photos of our gorgeous boys who have settled in so well.

They surprisingly only took a couple of days to warm up and are completely at home with us.

We can’t imagine life without them.


Rebecca and Paul

tobjinx4 tobyjinx tobyjinx1 tobyjinx2 tobyjinx3 tobyjinx4


Mitzy’s Weight is Over!

Hello to all at the Society,

Just a note to let you know that Mitzy is doing great. It took her a few months to fully settle in but now feels comfortable sleeping on the couch or bed as she sees fit. She got used to the pet stairs very quickly and at the link below is a photo of her using them to get a better view of the goings on outside the window.

She was very excited when she saw a new box on the floor, which she now sits in whenever she wants a feed. I hand feed her during the day so she gets her dose of obesity pellets*. As you can see from the before and after photos the poor old box is now worse for wear. She chews it to say she wants chicken for tea, and rubs it with her cheeks when she wants a brush. She’s pretty smart.

Mitzy did a very interesting thing today. While she was lying down looking out of the office window with me, crows started cawing outside loudly, and she answered them with her raspy miaows, that sounded very similar to the bird noises!! After a while when they stopped, she made some more noises of the same sort of a miaow-growl, but very softly, like she was talking to them!!

She is tolerating more touching now but still hates being picked up.


mitzy11 mitzy22 mitzy33 mitzy44 mitzy55 mitzy66 mitzy77 mitzy88

(Mitzy claiming our daughter’s bedroom while she is away.)

*The obesity program is to get her below 6 kg and help relieve her arthritis. We still need to get her weighed, but going by an earlier weigh in before Easter, I’m sure she has enough now. She is naturally a fluffy long lass anyway isn’t she!