Purrs ‘N’ Paws June 2015

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I found a friend

Happy Birthday Regina

It’s Regina’s Birthday this week and we thought we’d celebrate by celebrating her!

Our 7 year old beauty is turning the big 8, and she’s getting bigger and better with age. Regina is one of a kind. Full of character and spunk, her head-strong attitude will win you over whether you like it or not (and if not, she’ll use force… paw force)

Look up ‘cattitude’ in the dictionary and you will find Regina’s name.

If you’d like to help Reg celebrate her birthday, give her a home and a family to call her own. Regina is available for adoption now. She’s $70 and comes desexed, microchipped, vaccinated to date and goes home in a free carry box.



Microchip reunites 18 year old cat with owners after two years.

Ellie was reunited with her owners after missing for two years.

Her owners presumed the 18 year old cat was dead, after failing to return to the family home for months. To fill the Ellie-shaped void in their family, they got another cat, who will now have a new friend!

Local ranger brought Ellie to the Cat Protection Society, where staff scanned the cat for a microchip. Because the microchip details were up to date, staff were able to get in touch with the owners, who were surprised and excited to hear that their beloved Ellie was alive and coming home.

Because Ellie’s family are responsible cat owners, Ellie will be able to live out the rest of her years in comfort and surrounded by love.



Ruby Ruby Ruby Ruby!

Hi everyone

I adopted Ruby about in January earlier this year and couldn’t be happier with my choice.

Her new name is Miss Ruby and after a couple of weeks of getting to know her new home decided that she was very happy and very comfortable.

She talks (or squeaks) and greets me at the door when I arrive home from work and stretches out on the floor for a pat and cuddle.

Her favourite time is when we sit down on the couch and she settles down for a pat and massage, although she does like stealing my spot on the couch.

She is such a character and constantly makes me laugh with her antics and behaviour.

Thank you so much for introducing us and I am sure we will have many years of enjoyable times together.



Meg & Molly find their forever home


My husband and I adopted two cats from you in April 2014: Meg and Mary (who we have renamed as Molly). We adore them! I wanted to send you some photos of the girls and let you know that they are both doing very well. They both appear to be quite happy and Meg, in particular, has grown in confidence. She was very anxious when we first adopted them.

These are the first cats I have ever owned as pets and I can tell you that I can’t imagine a life without cats. My husband and I have both become ‘cat people’ and will continue to adopt rescue cats over the course of our lives.

Thank you for the wonderful work you do.

Kind regards,


megmary1 megmary2 megmary3 megmary4 megmary5megmary


Archie, the dog-loving Bengal

We have had Archie for a little while now but he was quick to work his way into our family with his demanding and cuddly personality. He’s a typical Bengal; loves to be up high and climb, very vocal and energetic. We had some issues with his food at the beginning and found that he was very allergic to grain and so is now on a strict diet. Archie is very territorial and knows exactly where and when there is another cat near by; he will let us know with a particular meow and vigorously whipping his tail. He gets along fantastically with our dogs and plays with them all the time. I would guess he had great dog socialization when he was younger but not so much with cats. He will come sleep and cuddle under the blankets with me every night and is on my lap any chance he has. When he is hungry he will do anything to get my attention, he will start by being extra cuddly and nudge me and if I ignore his requests he will start to tap me with his paw and stare until I get up and do it. He loves to lay in the sunlight and tries to escape outside any chance he gets. He’s a highly intelligent and happy animal. We are so happy he has made his home with us.

archie archie1 archie2 archie3 archie4 archie5 archie6 archie7


Cute Kitty


Just wanted to say a big thank you to all the friendly staff at the cat protection society in Greensborough.

If it was not for them, we wouldn’t have our beautiful cat, Kitty we love so much!

The staff were so professional, friendly and full of great information to keep our pet healthy and safe.




Donna and Zeke together forever!- NEW UPDATES!


donnazeke15 donnazeke16

Donna and zeke Donna and zeke 2Donna and zeke 1  Donna and zeke 5 Donna and zeke 3 Donna and zeke 4

Remember Donna and Zeke? Two of our longest stay cats at CPS. Their story will warm your heart…

Donna and Zeke entered our shelter separately a few years ago around about the  same time and instantly bonded. They were so shy and found comfort and security in each other. Time went by, and while their other, more outgoing mates went to their forever homes, Donna and Zeke were left waiting waiting waiting.

Then Victoria came along.

Last November Victoria came to our shelter looking for a quiet cat to keep her company and bonded with Donna. So off Donna went to her forever home. That just left Zeke. We were sad to see them split up but happy that Donna had found a great home.

Then Victoria decided Donna needed a mate to keep her company. She called us wondering if Zeke was still available, and he was. So Victoria visited us again and left with Zeke. The pair were going to be reunited! We were curious to see if they would remember each other. Victoria recently emailed us with this uplifting update;

“I recently adopted Donna and Zeke ( I decided to rename them Rosie and Ollie). I am glad to say they are both very happy to be back together and have both settled in really well.

Thank you to everyone at CPS for your help and support.


We’re not sure who’s happier- Victoria, ‘Rosie and Ollie’, or us!


Rosie and Olli together again!


Rosie looks very happy in her forever home


If you have a great adoption story you’d like to share, email us at web@catprotection.com.au


Thank you for our beautiful cat we purchased on 26 April 2015.

Izzie (nee Precious) is the perfect addition to our home. After a couple of days of getting slowly acquainted with us and her new home, she is a confident and friendly cat. We followed the great advice of the vet and staff and she has settled in beautifully. She knows where the sunny spots are, how to engage us in a ping-pong game along the floors, follows us around like a puppy and of course sleeps on our bed. As can be seen from one of the photos, she loves to sit by little children and watch what they are doing, she is a very gentle but playful and inquisitive cat.


izzie izzie1 izzie2

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