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Three fluffy cats on a white background.

Francis and Assisi

Where are they now?

After many years being very well cared for at the Cat Protection Society, Frances and Assisi found their fur-ever home in March.

We recently had a Q&A session with Frances, Assisi and The Human and this is what they had to say;



The accommodation is very pleasant. There’s a comfy couch which becomes quite sun-bathed in the afternoon. The Human has been calling me Fatty Fran so I maintain a fitness regime which involves chasing Assisi up and down the hallway. I find this is best done at 3.00 in the morning when it’s quiet and there are few distractions. All-in-all The Human you provided has proven most adequate. Now stop pointing that camera at me or I’ll go and run under the couch.


Assisi also known as C.C.

Life here is GREAT. The garden is TOTALLY AWESOME, I go out and have a bit of a POKE AROUND in the MORNING and then come in for BREAKFAST. It took me a COUPLE OF WEEKS to get used to the concept of WINDOWS and that you can’t JUMP THROUGH THEM when they’re SHUT.  And going up and down STAIRS was weird but I’m OK now and don’t have to scale all of them in ONE LEAP

I get to sleep on a BED with The Human but I REFUSE to get up before 6.00, especially now that we’re coming into WINTER. And there’s TELEVISION with things MOVING ON IT. I watched a great DOCUMENTARY the other week about BIRDS which I thought I could CATCH. ONE EYE is never going to stop ME!

Yeah, I like it here.


The Human

It’s been lovely to watch C.C. come into his own. Having lived the first three years of his life at CPS and not having any experience with uneven surfaces, stairs or windows, his learning curve has been very steep. And I know it was very mean of me, but I did laugh at his attempts to run through panes of glass and try to work out how to get up and down the three steps from the house and into the garden. He maintains order and keeps both Frances and me in our place.

Fatty Fran has been more circumspect and maintains her distance, but I have confidence that at some point in the future she’ll come around. She even meowed at me the other day as I was putting the food out.

Thank you CPS, we’re one happy family!


With love from Fatty Fran, CC and The Human

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Kitten Season not over yet!

Cat Protection Society of Victoria has seen a prolonged Kitten Season this year, with the season starting later, and still no end.

Kitten Season, which follows the warmer months generally goes from November through to March. However, we are still seeing kittens come through our doors and there are still lots of kittens available for adoption at the shelter.

Beat the winter blues by giving a kitten a forever home. All of our kittens are desexed, microchipped, vaccinated up to date, have a two week health cover and go home in a free carry box. Kittens up to 6 months are $90, one the cheapest adoption prices in Victoria.


Saffron’s part of the Crew

We adopted Saffron (aka Saffy) on 1 April 2014 and we’re so glad we did.

She really is just a wonderful cat.  Her two brothers took a little time to get used to her but now they all pile onto the bed together and chase each other around the house.  Saffy was the perfect choice to add to our family.



Teens Everywhere

We have so many teenage cats looking for forever homes. Teenagers age from 6-12 months and are $90. They come vaccinated, desexed, microchipped, two week health cover and go home in a free carry box.

All of our teens are super friendly and full of character. ADOPT A TEEN TODAY!

Our teens featured in the below picture are Elizabeth, Charlotte, Diana and Jones. They are all available for adoption. Please go to our adoption page to view their profiles.

teen group edited

National Volunteers Week

This week we celebrate all those who freely and willingly give up their time and talents.

Read more

Cathy’s new Cat

CPS volunteer Cathy helps us take care of our cats and kittens on a regular basis and puts a lot of hard work into their care. In a few instances, she’s taken this ‘hard work’ home with her. Cathy has adopted from CPS over the years and shares with us her adoption stories;

From Cathy:

“Here are my two kitties I got from CPS. Sera is the Persian. I got her in 2006 and she’s living like a queen. She’s had 4 teeth taken out but didn’t want false teeth hehe. I taught her to shake hands and put the video on my facebook and you tube 🙂


I named the Tortoiseshell, Candy. I got her from CPS on 31 July 1991 and her DOB was stated as 1990. I had her for 20 years. Someone ran over her in 2010 but she survived, luckily! In  February 2011 she got an abscess in her mouth,but her kidneys were failing after that.I had to put her down in March 2011.


A few months later I noticed a black cat hanging around constantly, and I asked the neighbours if they knew anything. One neighbour proclaimed it was her cat,she was getting dementia and couldn’t remember if she fed him or if it was her cat after all,so the cat made the decision for us and decided to stay only with me. He would not leave my side. I thought he was a female and I named him Lady (Luck). When I took him to the vet he said Lady is a boy. So now I call him Laddie.”

Cathy, while volunteering, fell in love with another cat. A lovely girl that she just couldn’t imagine going home without. So, she didn’t. After she got her permit to own 3 cats, she adopted Minty. This is Cathy’s update;

…here we are with Minty…..

The first day she hid under my bed. I introduced her to the rest of my cat family and they were not impressed. Finally she has a room to herself and she is thriving. She is eating anything I give her; cat food that is.

She does not sit still, and is hard to take photos of her in one position. She gets whiny if I leave her. I aim to make her a lap cat as she doesn’t let me pick her up for long. She knows her name and recognises I’m her mummy now!

Thanks to everyone at CPS who made the whole process enjoyable and fun..in the end your name for the cat was the one I liked most.

regards Cathy..and my 3 cats

minty minty1 minty2