What an indoor cat misses out on

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Tinka, a 15 year old success story

Tinka is a 15 year old cat that was adopted from us in October last year. Her new owner paid us a visit this morning and dropped off some photos.


Her owner says Tinka has settled in marvelously, has two rooms in the house all to herself, and rules the roost!

tinka tinka1

If you’re thinking of adopting, consider one of our senior cats. They have so much love to give and often get overlooked in shelters when there’s so many cute kittens about.

Staff Pick: Chardy- ADOPTED!

Chardy takes the world in her stride, nothing and I mean nothing stresses her.  She loves a cuddle and a tummy rub; any attention is welcomed attention.  But she is also very happy to curl up under her blanket and mind her own business.  Chardy would love any home, but one with a comfy lap and warm heater would be her heaven.

Print off our staff pick and share it around to help Chardy get adopted!

PRINT ME! staff pick Alison


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We need Newspapers!

We have a lot of kittens for adoption, which means a lot of litter trays! We are going through newspapers like yesterday’s news…

If you have old newspapers lying around we’d LOVE to take them off your hands and put them under the bottom’s of our cats!


200 Elder Street Greensborough, Victoria.


A Perfect Addition to the Family


My name is Christie and I just adopted Sia only a couple of days ago.

I just wanted to send u a quick email to let you know she has settled in perfectly already. The minute we opened the box when we got home with her she was curious and confident and wanted to be around us straight away. She’s had no accidents and uses her litter tray and has definitely not had a problem with eating.

My daughter absolutely loves her and I suspect she is very taken with her too. She follows her everywhere and comes to her when she’s called. She’s gentle, affectionate, playful and sweet. Everything we could have hoped for. She’s definitely made a fantastic addition to our family, and it’s only been two days.

Thankyou for all your help with adopting Sia, You guys do a fabulous job. It can’t be easy but I really appreciated the time you all had for us and information you gave us. It was so nice not to feel rushed in such a big decision. We’ve definitely made the right one!

Thanks again

sia sia2

Young Talent Time

We got some more artwork in by a group of very talented you artists over the school holidays. We think these pictures of Leopards are very good indeed!

Thanks guys!

art61 art art12 art3 art4

National Pet Day

(photo courtesy paws4dcaws)

The U.S.A has the right idea…

Today, America is celebrating National Pet Day. A day founded by Celebrity Pet & Home Lifestyle Expert Colleen Paige in 2005, National Pet Day aims to raise awareness of pets in shelters awaiting forever homes.

To read about National Pet Day, please click here.

We are going to celebrate National Pet Day today by highlighting a particular pet in our shelter;




Alice is a 2 year old moggie who is larger than life and will roll over for anyone. Alice has been with us for a while and we’re not sure why because she is so affectionate and curious and super keen to find her forever home. Alice loves to keep herself looking lush and clean- you won’t be able to help fall in love with her the second you meet her.

If you’d like to adopt Alice, please visit her at 200 Elder Street Greensborough or give us a call on 9434 7155.

Loveable Louis

I adopted my kitten on the 16th of March and I just wanted to say he is the most loveable and affectionate pet I have ever had; we spend most of our time cuddling and I just love the way he wraps his arms around me so not to let him go. My other cat Charlie coexists with him and my son’s puppy loves to play with him, my older dog just mothers him.


I wanted to let you know he is happy and loved xo




Dolly’s Dreams Came True…

Hi there, just thought I’d send an update after having Dolly –  whom I’ve renamed Bella – home for about a week. She’s quite fearless and has worked the house out in record time, and has everyone falling over themselves to give her attention. She displayed little or no difficulty adjusting at all, ate immediately, used the litter tray from the get go. She’s already identified my chair and I now have to fight her for it to sit at my desk. I’m getting a workout throwing her toy up and down the stairs (which naturally I retrieve myself) and no longer need an alarm as she jumps on my face at dawn every morning.


Thanks to Sharon who helped on the day, and I was quite impressed with how content / peaceful all the cats were (hopefully it’s like that all the time!) which made it very difficult to pick just one.




dolly dolly1 dolly2