Happy Easter

From all the Cats, Kittens, Board Members, Staff and Volunteers, we’d like to wish you a very HAPPY EASTER.

We’d also like to say thank you for your ongoing support of our organisation over the years, and especially now as we enter a new exciting phase of redeveloping the shelter.


happyeaster chardyforeaster1

Remember Sid?

For those of you who have been following us for some time, you may remember a grumpy 9 year old ginger cat called ‘Sid’. Sid was with us for ages and had a hard time finding a forever home. He was old, fat and had serious attitude.

Then in March 2011, Sid finally got his happy ending. Which, ultimately turned into his happy beginning. Sid found his forever home and was adopted by Mel, a friend of one of our volunteers.

Four years down the track, Sid is a little less grumpy and a lot more happy. Mel sent us some updates on Sid’s life.

Just goes to show, there’s a home out there for every cat! Even the grumpy ones…

If you have an interesting ‘Where are they Now’ story, we’d love to share it! Please email media@catprotection.com.au

sid2 sid1 sid

Kittens Kittens Kittens!

We have many kittens available for adoption; Kitten season is WELL underway. Cute, shy, outgoing, boys, girls, different colours, ages… and they’re all looking for their forever homes. If you’d like to adopt a kitten, please come to the shelter, spend time with our kittens and make sure you have proof of ID and current residential address.

Kittens are $110 and are vaccinated up to date, wormed, health-checked, desexed and go home in a free carry box.

Give us a buzz on 9434 7155 for more information.


photo credit: Ben Abbott


3 years ago this gone Australia Day weekend we met our big boy Andy. We were overwhelmed by all the other kitties so went away to think whether we were ready for him, 3 days later we were back and couldn’t go past Andy. He had won our hearts from the first time we seen him in his pen. He was so timid when we got him, but soon as he settled his voice was heard- he is a loud kitty! He is very adaptable and has a lot of spunk. He is loving our new home in Eltham and is part of our family. People in our neighbourhood love him and say he is also very friendly. He has definitely loved his  forever home with us.

I have attached a couple of pictures. We are very grateful that Cat Protection Society bought us to Andy. We would love to adopt another cat, but I think Andy is an only child.



andy andy1 andy3 andy2




As you would be aware we have been working towards building a state of the art new shelter and veterinary clinic for a considerable amount of time. We are now delighted to announce that we have planning permission to rebuild on the current site at Greensborough. The next couple of years will be a challenging but exciting time at CPS, rebuilding on site whilst still ensuing that the shelter does continue to provide a high level of animal care and customer service.


Purrs ‘N’ Paws March 2015

Our Latest ‘Purrs N Paws’ is now available!

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Morgan on the Move

We were lucky enough to get Morgan (black with white feet)  late January 2015, he was 9 months ago and really missed his brother apparently and was quite timid. We wanted two kittens, so one month later we got Addison from another cat refuge (she was 3 months old).

Morgan is still very, very timid (with humans, even us) but absolutely frolicsome and frisky with Addison.  From the moment they met they have been best pals.  Addison is incredibly bouncy, curious and unafraid of anything whereas Morgan is cautious and timid.  Together they play most of the night and morning (and rest during the day).  We promised to send a photo of Morgan but have never been able to catch him.  He pulls back from us if we get too close and when he is playing all over the house and furniture (and dozens of cat toys) they are both so fast that all the pictures are blurry!

I have tried hard to get the least blurry ones!  It is so very lovely for us to see how much they love one another and how happily they play.  Sometimes they walk alongside each other, other times they almost ride on each other’s backs, sometimes they seem to be “kissing” and rubbing noses and sometimes they launch sneak attacks on one another which is quite hilarious.  Best Regards from Karen, Dan and Max.


Mario’s Super

Hi there

Here are a couple of photos of Mario, the cat we adopted from you at the end of January.  Mario has settled well into our family, he is very patient with our two sons, aged 5 and 1.  Mario is very clean, eats well and enjoys looking out of the window at the birds.  We feel very happy to have him.

Thanks again.  Keep up the excellent work!

mario1 mario

Mitzy’s Made it!

We would just like to express our gratitude for Mitzy and provide something of a report on how she is going.

mitzy         mitzy1

She looked excited on the car ride home from the CPS and was absolutely delighted to see our laundry.  She ate a bit of diced chicken and some of her dry food, and proceeded to roll around the carpet and request lots of pats. Because it was a hot day, she had the laundry, corridor and airconditioned bedroom to start with, used the kitty litter at 2 am, and was subsequently invited into the rest of the house. She goes from room to room to look out of the windows. One day she might want to go out and take a closer look at the garden.

mitzy2                  mitzy3

You’ve done such a great job with her. You have kept her teeth, kidneys and liver in great shape. We will try to keep her in the same excellent condition.


It’s like having a new baby in the house. Mitzy’s the priority. Thank you for answering our questions and I know when we feel the need we can call again. Attached are some photos.




She is taking the chance to really stretch out (and how we have the purrfect carpet to hide cat fur)!


Cheers for now