Welcome to Harlow’s House

Dear Cat Protection Society,

We adopted ‘Harlow’ (still called ‘Harlow’) in March 2013 and we love her. She rules our household with her little classic tabby paw. We could not imagine life without her!

Thankyou for all you do, you are amazing. The second chance you provide for cats like Harlow is fantastic.

Best Wishes,




P.S She is very bossy AND very loved!

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“APPLAWS ANZ BROADCAST…… We are starting a new charity drive here on Facebook for animal charities across Australia.

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Smooth moves secure forever home for Ninja

My family adopted a cat from you in December 2013.

Hi name is Ninja and I just thought I’d really like to let you guys know that he’s going swimmingly and has made a wonderful addition to our family.

We can’t imagine life without him now, he’s such a quirky little cat!


ninja2 ninja ninja1

Cat Protection Society warns against online pet purchases

Brittany Shanahan, DIAMOND VALLEY LEADER, February 24, 2015.

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Cat Protection Society of Victoria animal attendant Kylie Strachan with Harry. Picture: J

Kylie, animal attendant gives Harry hugs. Picture: Josie Hayden


Kittens for adoption



Our kittens are $90 and come;

  • desexed
  • wormed
  • vaccinated
  • microchipped
  • two week health cover
  • carry box


World Wildlife Day

World Wildlife Day is an initiative brought about by the United Nations to raise awareness of the benefits conservation has to society. It is a day where we stand up against wildlife crime whilst celebrating the beauty of wild flora and fauna.

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We adopted each other

Hi there!


I just wanted to send through a massive thank you for being so amazing! Four weeks ago ‘Linka’ and I adopted each other. She has been the most amazing addition to my life ever and I can’t believe it’s only four weeks that we have had each other for! She is now known as Doctor Mew, or The Doctor, she has well and truly made herself comfortable in her new home and she is the most adorable little companion. I’m not sure that she got the memo that she is a cat, she behaves far more like a puppy!

I’m always updating my Instagram and spreading the word about the wonderful work you guys do.

Thank you so much again for bringing this perfect little lady into my life!

Thank you!

Casey and The Doctor xx



dr mew dr mew1

Pussy cat, pussy cat, where have you been? -Gina Boothroyd

Published February 19th 2015 for Weekend Notes.
Pussy cat, pussy cat, where have you been?
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I’m time-pressed and always counting the pennies as a single-mum writer, so going out has to be worth the lipstick. It’s the year of discovering tantalizing Melbourne and, sometimes, a tease of Adelaide’s treasures. Join me.

It’s World Spay Day – 25th February 2015

Did you know it’s World Spay Day Today?

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Harry’s Hard Start to Life


Harry’s story is one we are seeing increasingly often. Although Harry’s story ends with a soon-to-be ‘happily ever after’, sometimes other cats aren’t so lucky… Read more

We’d like to thank you

Being a Not-For-Profit organisation, the Cat Protection Society relies heavily on the kindness of members and the public to help us help the cats. Our recent appeal for kitten food has had a great response, with people donating all sorts of kitten wet food, dry food and litter, or donating via our paypal account. It is the everyday small acts of kindness of these people that restores our faith in humanity, and gives us the encouragement to keep doing what we’re doing.

So, thank you so much.

If you’d like to donate to our kitten appeal we’d love some kitten wet food, or you can donate here

Love from us all at CPS.

Some of our donations!


Ted’s haul!


From one anonymous gentleman who comes annually to help us stockpile for kitten. What a truly amazing man.

Ted’s Helping Out his Fellow Felines

Ted’s Forever Family sent us a lovely update, accompanied by a nice big box of kitten food for our ‘Kitten Food Appeal’ drive. Thankyou Ted and Jen and Co.!

If you’d like to donate to our Kitten Food Appeal (we have a lot of hungry kittens to feed at the moment!) we’d love kitten wet food (not fish please) or you can donate to the cause here

Read Ted’s story below!


“Hey Guys,


Ted here, I used to be known as Sinco, but my new Mum thought it didn’t suit me and that I was more like a Teddy Bear, so now I’m known as Ted and quite happily so 😉


I was adopted September 2014 and thought you may like to know how very happy I am in my new home.   I have full run of the house and all the beds to myself.  I love sprawling out on my back sideways across the bed and even get told off for snoring!  I don’t think I do just quietly….


I get very hungry around 5am and so I love to wake Mum and Dad in the morning with pats on the cheek and if required the occasional nip if they don’t respond quick enough.  When I’m hungry everyone needs to be at my beck and call!!  After lunch or dinner, it’s crazy cat time, which involves racing all around the house like a madman!!  I don’t race down the stairs, I literally fly, there was only one time I miscalculated and came a cropper….happy to report I didn’t do myself any long term damage!


Mum showed me your recent flyer regarding food donations, so I asked Mum in my very coaxing and beguiling way if we could dontate and of course she said “No Worries” and we are sending you some food for all the little babies.


Thanks so much for looking after me so well and giving me an opportunity at another “Forever Home”, I love it here and my new Slaves asked me to let you know that they are unconditionally in love with me!! Hard not to be really.


Wishing you all the best with re-homing the furry babies there


Yours truly





Lola. The missing link.

Hi Guys,

Just wanted to say a huge thanks for introducing myself and my son to the lovely LOLA who we adopted back in December.

She has a wonderful temperament and loves nothing more than a cuddle on the couch or being snuggled up in bed.

Lola comes to the door and greets me every day when I get home from work and she climbs onto my bed every morning once the alarm goes off to have a quick cuddle before I have to get up.

She has really filled a gap in our lives and we couldn’t be happier.

lola lola1