Owner finds cat while browsing Melbourne rescue centre after five years apart



A MAN has met his pet cat for the first time in five years after spotting the Balinese feline while browsing a Melbourne rescue centre’s website. Mitcham’s Michael Close left cat Chopper with his mother before moving to Kuala Lumpur to be closer to his wife’s family while expecting their first child. However, Chopper — named after Mark ‘Chopper’ Read because he is missing part of an ear — was adopted by another woman after not getting along with his mother’s cat. Chopper wound up at Greensborough’s Cat Protection Society of Victoria after the woman died about three months ago.

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Purrs ‘n’ Paws – October 2014

Our October edition of Purrs ‘n’ Paws Read more

Happy Halloween

Black cats are synonymous with witches and Halloween. But we love them for different reasons. Below are our top ten reasons why we love a black cat:

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National Cat Day – October 29th, 2014

National Cat Day is the official branded holiday for cats to celebrate all the wonderful love they give and to encourage adoption globally.

So to celebrate our cats we thought we’d put together a collection of our most favourite pictures of our moggies.

visit the official National Cat Day website here: www.nationalcatday.com or on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/NationalCatDay?ref=ts&fref=ts

unclye d

Staff member Audrey’s moggies, Uncle Yap and Minnie


CPS fosters getting some TLC


Mystic (before she went to her forever home) enjoying a scratch under the chin


Staff member Amanda’s cats, Jim and Florence loving their ‘deck time’


Aslan, after a hard day’s work…of doing not much


Audrey and Peaches having a cuddle before Peaches went to her forever home.


Staff member Kylie’s cat, Blaze smiling for her closeup




Staff member Alison’s boys, Bronx and Bundy.


Bronx and Bundy claiming the best spot on the bed.




Mimi, a resident CPS cat, loving cuddles from Kylie.


Molly, boss of the office.


Staff member Jess’ moggies, Chester and Mocha, a rare picture of them peacefully together


Lynx, Kylie’s cat, posing.



Liam’s Loving Life

Hi Everyone,


I just wanted to send you an update about our new little man Liam!


We’ve had him now for about a month and he is doing wonderfully!

He has made an almost friend in our existing cat Luna and is beginning to tolerate our dog Cad.

Loves being brushed, getting cuddles and purrs like its going out of style!


He has begun being quite vocal and with squeak/meew your ear off if you let him!

I’ve attached some photos of him in his favourite spot!


Thanks So Much for our little fur baby,

Emily, Thomas and Josephineliam liam1 liam2

Riley’s all Smiles

Hi There,

We adopted Riley on October 3 and she quickly settled into life with us. While it’s only been a few weeks, it feels like she has always been a part of our family.

Thank you for introducing us to this beautiful cat and for all you do with the others.

love Janette and Molly and Riley xxx


Big Boy Boris




I adopted Boris in September this year. Just shy of one month later he is well and truly the king of the castle. Not that it took him long – on day one he plonked himself on the couch and went to sleep. My partner loves him, as do I. And as long as Boris gets plenty of food, cuddles and someone to occasionally bite and run circles around, he’s happy too. I’ve attached a few photo’s – there are many, many more though, because he’s such a poser!

We love him to bits!! (despite the fact that he’s been shedding like a cat going from deepest Antarctica to the Sahara desert).



Zoe, Eric and Boris

borisboris1 boris2 boris3 boris4 boris5 boris6

Help us Feed our Felines!

It’s coming up to the busiest time of the year for shelters; kitten season. We are preparing for a big one and we need your help!

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Animals Matter to CPS. Rally, October 4th 2014

The ‘Animals Matter to Me’ rally held on the steps of Parliament House in Melbourne on Saturday October 4th united over 60 animal welfare groups, in a bid to ban duck shooting, jumps racing and puppy farms.

Staff of the Cat Protection Society of Victoria joined the rally to voice the organisation’s support. Read more

Help! Queen in search of a Castle

Lady Penny is a beautiful Siamese Cross that has been with us for quite a while and just hasn’t managed to find her forever home.



Misty Eyed



Just thought I would let you know that my dear little Misty had a very easy and cosy first night at her forever home. She is so cute and full of love 🙂


-Tylar & Misty


“I’m coming Home”, sings Lionel

Hi Folks,

A couple of months ago my partner and I adopted 10yr old Linus (Lional Richie) and we just wanted to report in:

He is very loving and very loved, his new brother and sister are slowly warming to him (the kind of slow that only cats can do) but he’s not too fussed by them as long as he has Adams lap to sit on. Adam in currently trying to study and Linus takes every, and i mean every opportunity to slug all over Adam and his notes.

We’ve attached some pics for your web site if you like.

Thank you for bringing him into our lives,


Jen & Adam (…and Hyde, Ember & Linus)

linus linus1 linus2

Older Kitties in need of homes will shower you with love


Wednesday October 1st, 2014

A GREENSBOROUGH cat shelter is looking to house some of its senior residents.

The Cat Protection Society of Victoria’s animal attendant Kylie Strachan said she would love to see the felines get adopted soon.  Read more