Missy lapping up the creature comforts




My name is Tania and we adopted an 8 month old black and white kitten at your shelter on Friday 5th September, with Emma, who was very informative and helped us to choose Missy. We re-named her after she was going to be called Daisy.

Please find attached photos of Missy.

Considering it has been less than 2 weeks, Missy has settled in very well and loving her new home. In fact, she’s getting way too comfortable now 🙂

She is perfect for our family and gets along extremely well with my little 10 year old niece. Missy is affectionate, loves to come up and give headbutts and receive rubs under the chin. She is lazy playful, likes toys to be thrown at her rather than her chasing it 🙂 but knows when to be quiet and keep to herself. At night she loves to sleep on the foot of the bed and her early morning routine is to run up and down the stairs like a crazy cat, as annoying as it is we love it and wouldn’t change it for the world because we know she’s just letting her energy out and typical cat being nocturnal creatures.

Missy is gorgeous and we are grateful for having her as part of our family, she is a blessing and thank you (for your service and dedication) and allowing us the opportunity to have her in our life.

With gratitude

missy missy1 missy2  missy3missy4




Adopted the gorgeous Bobbie on Saturday 20/09/14.

Picture 1: This is him on release from his box when we got home.

Picture 2: Staking a claim for “his’ chair

Picture 3: Yep, I own these people now! Sunday morning after sleeping on the bed with us all night Saturday, day of adoption!

Picture 4:  His favourite position in the front room, up on the table surveying all through the window, when he’s not sleeping, that is!



Think he’s adjusting well 🙂

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Abby All Grown Up

Here are some pictures of Britney, who I adopted back in April. She’s renamed Abbey now & will be 8 months old towards end of this month.

I’ve started to introduce her to the backyard. She likes to have short explorations but I think she will prefer inside most of time.

I know your staff were very attached to her so I’d like to reassure you that Abbey loves her life here, & gets lots of attention.

She loves me very much as I do her.

She really has grown.
Hope you enjoy the pictures

.abbey abbey1 abbey2 abbey3 abbey4 abby1

Our New Addition

Hi guys just wanted to say thank you for our beautiful little girl and thought you might like some pictures. We adopted her last week she and she’s settling in fine!




marcel marcel1 marcel2

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