CPS gets a visit from Kitty Santa Claus!


Every once in a while, something happens at CPS that motivates is to keep doing what we’re doing and reminds us of why we do what we do.

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The Queen has found her Castle!

Remember Lady Penny? (read about her here) She was at our shelter for a long while because she had medical issues and got overlooked by a lot of people. It was sad to watch because we knew how great Lady Penny was and how she would brighten up someone’s life. She just needed that one special person who saw it too.

Enter Anna and her son.

Anna saw what a fabulous cat Lady Penny was and adopted her quick smart! Below is an update on Lady Penny in her new forever home.

“Hello, my son and I adopted Lady Penny. Letting you know she is doing wonderful and has made herself quite at home. She is always purring and is the happiest cat I have ever had.

A few photos of her snoozing”


We wish Lady Penny and her new family all the best!


lady pennylady penny1

It is very rewarding to adopt an older cat.

Tessa knows Best


We adopted Tessa in December of 2013. Since then, she has the run of the inside of our place, picks the sunniest spots for naps and loves the hydronic heating in winter. Her preferred family member is our 9 year old whose bed she curls up on in the morning sun and overnight.  She’s loves to have a chat with any of us and a neck rub anytime, anywhere.


We feel very fortunate Tessa was available to be adopted just as we were looking. We had made the trip twice the previous weekend to meet and get to know other possibles. Tessa was a bonus (short haired, female and about 8 years younger than others at that time).


Our first vet trip was the annual check and injections in November this year and the vet was very impressed with her weight and good health.


Thank you all for assisting and supporting our decision and for all you do for these beautiful creatures. Tessa has found a forever home with us here.


PS you were right – she loathes other cats – spits and explodes and terrifies others at the boarding cattery. Just as well she is such a charmer with humans!




Harry’s Home

Hello Cat Protection Society,

A few weeks ago my partner and I bought a beautiful boy named Harry off you. He has since been re-named Fat Nigel by us, Bruno by my father and Niles by a friend.
We were warned it might take him some time to settle in but this is day 2 and he seemed pretty relaxed:
He has made himself at home with our families and friends:


And the couch:


His relaxed and blobby attitude is infectious:


We love him! We wanted to show you he went to a good home and is very happy here.
Thank you for the work you do and for looking after him so well before we took him home!!! Hopefully soon we will come in and bring him home a kitty friend to spend the lonely days with while the humans are working for his food.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

From Kate & Daniel


The Twins

We are extremely happy to welcome the twins into our lives who are terrific and loving companions.

The adorable girls are settling in and are a delight  …

Violette & Chantelle love wrestling with each other and playing with their toy mice and jingle bell balls – one of the mice had its tail ripped off after some vigorous playing but it is still a favourite toy.

They love having snuggles & cuddles and purr with contentment.

Sometimes they think that I need a bath and lick me with their tongues.

Violette and Chantelle are bringing us much love, laughter and happiness.


-A note from CPS:

The Twins had a Christmas Photoshoot with us before they went to their fabulous forever home. Here are some of the snaps (though it was hard to capture them clearly, as they are very zippy and energetic!)

Screen Shot 2014-11-07 at 3.52.48 pm (2)xmas1xmas2DPP_0046xmas3

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Jaffa & Jango love to Tango!


Jaffa and Jango are still doing well.  Jaffa is more of a handful than ever.  His latest obsession is with a red laser light, he will yowl and poke the gun it comes from until we turn off the lights and play with him.  I think he’s slowly working out that it only works at night. Jango remains absolutely adorable, and he’s been really loving belly pats lately.  I woke up in the middle of the night last week to a crunching sound, I thought they had gotten into their dry food bag, so I got up to rescue it.  It turned out they weren’t in the food bag, Jango had managed to get his head a front paws through the handle of a paper bag, and was dashing around the house desperately (and loudly) trying to get it off.  Luckily the handle was big enough not to be hurting him, he was just stuck, but we had to cut it to get him out.  I have no idea how he managed to get his front paws through.




Pet Photos with Santa raises funds for CPS

PetStock held a state-wide ‘Pet Photos with Santa’ fundraiser on Saturday the 29th and Sunday the 30th of November, to raise money for local animal shelters. PetStock in Preston chose the Cat Protection Society as their shelter of choice, which meant the $5 it cost to get your pet snapped with Santa, went to us!  Read more

Our Festive Season Opening Hours

Christmas Day


New Years Day


Boxing Day


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Joey’s Cupcake Drive raises money for CPS


After a visit to the Cat Protection Society in Greensborough, the 1st Diamond Creek Joey Scout Group decided to help raise funds and awareness about the Society by holding a Cupcake Night. Read more



I emailed you a few months back with a write up about my cat, “Gizmo’s going great” which was put on your old website.

Well, I now have the sequel…

Gidget’s going great!    

On Thursday we adopted ANOTHER cat from you as we wanted a friend for Gizmo! Meet Gidget! She’s a beautiful black kitten to match little white gizmo!

Straight from the get go Gidget owned the house, she is super confident, LOVES cuddles and ADORES being held! When she first got here we started by separating the cats so they could get used to each others smell and sounds. Gizmo was very unsure to start with, hissing and growling, as he was very unsure about this new visitor.

It only took one night for him to like his new sister!

Now every day we are awoken by them playing and dashing around the house. Gidget LOVES her new home. She has settled in so well and we love her very much! Thank you so much for blessing us with two wonderful kittens and completing our family!

Tom & Marco




giz gizm gizmo2

World Vegan Day- Sunday 9th November


World Vegan Day Melbourne is a community festival promoting a healthy and compassionate lifestyle. Come and enjoy the best vegan food and shopping in Melbourne, the most informative talks and information, and of course our famous cooking demonstrations and speed dating!

Entry by gold coin donation!

Go to the World Vegan Day Website by clicking here


(picture courtesy of LivingNow)

Owner finds cat while browsing Melbourne rescue centre after five years apart



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