‘Batgirl’ is so mischievous! She’s still in the process of meeting all of her new doggie siblings one on one before meeting the whole gang at once which I would imagine would be overwhelming for any cat. Her new siblings are very protective of her already and protect her as if she was their baby; licking her and sitting close to her and growling at me when I go to touch her. She’s doing really well and has settled right in already and must literally have every cat toy imaginable. Unfortunately she’s not so interested in all of them so I’ve decided to donate the ones she isn’t interested in to the Cat Society when I’m in the area next. Here’s a few photos and videos of her in action.

She’s changed my opinion of cats completely, I’ve always been a dog person but she’s so opposite to what I dislike about cats and she’s my dream cat and so loving and boisterous. She’s very cuddly and has to be touching me or my partner while we sleep, it’s so funny!

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