Meet our Dynamic Duos!

“But I always say, one’s company, two’s a crowd and three’s a party” – Andy Warhol

… All our duo’s need now, is YOU! So let’s start this party! We have some awesome duo’s that are waiting for their forever homes.


Meet Georgie and Bubbles.

These two have lived together their whole lives and are quite bonded with one another. Georgie is the more vocal, cheeky one of the pair. Bubbles is the more chilled out and cuddly one. Together they make the perfect duo and we would love to see them adopted as a pair.

Georgie’s quirky ways will keep you entertained and Bubbles will reward you with lots of cuddles.

Meet Shaz and Baz.

This duo were strays before coming to CPS and were not used to human contact. However, since coming to our Shelter they have really blossomed. Shaz is the more confident of the two and can be quite playful at times, and loves a pat. Baz is a quiet fellow who enjoys the company of his sister and we hope that she will help to bring out his confidence.

These two may require a little more love and patience than other cats but we believe whoever is willing to put in a little extra time with these two will be rewarded with two very sweet and hopefully more confident cats.

Meet James and Lilly.

This duo were also strays before coming to CPS. They weren’t used to human contact but are getting more and more responsive every day. They are really blossoming under the TLC we have been giving them. Lilly is the more confident of the two and can be playful and curious; she loves a cuddle. James is the more reserved cat and really loves the company of his sister; her presence is helping bring out James’ confidence.

James and Lilly will need to go to a home where the attention and extra TLC is ongoing; they’ve made such progress and we know they can get even better under your loving touch.



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