Have you considered adopting an Adult?

For a limited time all Adult Adoptions come with a FREE Starter Pack and their next Vaccination FREE!

  • Litter Tray
  • Litter Scoop
  • Bag of Max’s Litter
  • Hill’s Premium Food
  • Double Bowl
  • Vaccination

There are many reasons to adopt an adult, drop in meet some and ask our staff why adults are the best.

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  1. Sue
    Sue says:

    Hi there,
    I adopted an adult cat, she was three years old from your organisation. You had named her Smokay but I named her Sasha.
    She has been a true delight, no common kitten dilemmas like shredded curtains, scratched furniture, litter box training etc.
    After two weeks she had settled in and made friends with my two elderly cats, put on some weight, grown the most luxuriant glossy coat, talks constantly and sleeps next to me every night without fail. She now mothers my new sixteen week old kitten and plays with him energetically to keep him entertained. She is a perfect role model to show him the ropes.
    She seems to know I rescued her but what she doesn’t know is that she also rescued me….or maybe she does! An adult cat is a terrific choice and I hope you make it too.


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