Cecil – A Special Cat for a Special Someone

Cecil started his life as a street kid and came into foster care scared and skinny but what a diamond in the rough the little street urchin turned out to be. Once he trusts you he is a ball of fun and a laugh a minute and very affectionate. He loves to call from the bedroom and race me there to have a snuggle on the bed where he feels most safe! He does however still retain some of his street kid antics so if you love your couch or indoor plants Cecil is not the boy for you. But if you want a beautiful natured cheeky little cat pup he’s just right. Cecil isn’t good at change yet so he will need time, love and freedom to adjust to his forever home and with time will enjoy cuddles on laps and in arms but isn’t quite ready for that yet. Cecil deserves someone super special to be his human.

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