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Pet Subject Inspires Some Big Thinking

-The Age, Tuesday 20th March

EVERY dog owner knows being welcomed home by a dog’s full-body wiggle rarely fails to warm the heart. And although nobody ever really owns a cat, coming home to a purring pet is, well, the cat’s miaow.

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Caspian’s Capers

Hello all at Cat Protection,   I promised to send through some photos of Caspian enjoying his outdoor cat run. As you can see he is pretty impressed with his new digs J. He doesn’t go outside that often but when he does ...
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Mia | female

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Toby | male

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14th April 2014- CONTACT US

For all email enquiries, please see below addresses.   CEO- MEDIA- media and website: INFORMATION- general enquiries: ADOPTION- adoption ...
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24th February 2014- STAFF PICKS ARE BACK!

And to start us off, lets meet ACOLA and MYSTIC... "Mystic and I have a special bond. I have had the ...
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